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  1. A huge Congrats to GNT, they've been one of my favorites and seeing them win is so satisfying!
  2. Omg same but I still always try to get to know all of the artists and appreciate their talent
  3. I know I'm like super late but a huge congrats to Girl Named Tom ! They made history in this show. They deserved it no matter what other people say. I can't wait to hear more music from them. - I just noticed that Kelly wins every long season the show has have and she doesn't just win with a normal winner. She always makes history with an artist.
  4. 1. GNT 2. Wendy 3. Hailey 4. Paris 5. Jershika Based on their studios, Hailey got modern songs while Wendy got songs that most of of the show's audience know. I still think GNT will win because their song selections are songs that are in their wheelhouse and they can easily get along with/ do comfortably. There's somehow something in my mind that says Paris has the chance to win the show but that's just basing on FB comments since there are criticisms with GNT, Wendy, Hailey, and Jershika advancing if we take a look and read the comments but still I think and feel that GNT will win. I placed Hailey third because I have that vibe that a young artist would place third like what happened during the twelfth season, I just got a similar vibe with it.
  5. 1. Girl Named Tom 2. Hailey Mia/Wendy Moten 3. Wendy Moten/Hailey Mia 4. Paris Winningham 5. Jershika Maple *in my dreams while sleeping, Hailey Mia won the season and that actually made me think of a possibility as well that she can place higher than third but for now I'm placing GNT above because being #1 on iTunes isn't a joke since they've just beaten Adele.
  6. I know I'm probably reallyyyy late but can you please Add Me? She's really amazing and most of the time on-pitch. Thank youuu
  7. I know I'm probably SOOOO late but I just opened an account an hour or two ago but can you add me? Thanks
  8. Girl Named Tom Ballad: "Blowin' in the Wind" or "The Sound of Silence" or "Burning House", I really think they should stick with something familiar with the audience especially these songs have been sang before on the show. Upbeat: "The Chain" or "Little White Church", but I probably much prefer "The Chain" on this one. Hailey Mia Ballad: "You Say", this would channel her inner Carter in especially Carter inspired her to audition or "Piece by Piece", as another tribute to Kelly as her coach and at the same time it is emotional that would possibly make Kelly tear up. Upbeat: idrk, but I guess something pop like "Adore You", I just don't know HAHAHA but I guess this would fit her, I just don't know how the audience will react. Paris Winningham Ballad: "A Song for You" - I just feel it fits? Upbeat: "Try A Little Tenderness" - The rasp would really fit this one Wendy Moten Ballad: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"? Upbeat: "Express Yourself"? Jershika Maple Ballad: "Un-break My Heart", Jershika's low notes really fit this one Upbeat: "Preach", I just don't know how John would react with this one but it is a really good fit like what Rose of S17 did.
  9. I don't see one but maybe I would if I reach the amount of posts I should have? But thank youu
  10. I've been reading a lot of your predictions and I agree with most of them but at the same time I have a mind prediction from my dream. Before the results night, I had a dream wherein Lana was called for the Top 5 finalists and GNT and Hailey were the Top 2 and almost everyone were shocked, I guess even myself was surprised but in a nice way that's why I woke up after that dream but I wouldn't really mind any of them getting the title. After all, they all worked hard to be where they are at right now. *btw how do you use those reactions like heart reacts, I just don't know how to HAHAHA ~thanks
  11. Hey y'all! I'm new here, I've been visiting this page since the fourteenth season but I have been visiting more ever since the eighteenth season because of the pandemic. I have really been a big Team Kelly fan but I appreciate every artists on their own single way. I really think Girl Named Tom would win this season but it seems like Hailey's growing stats on FB but Wendy as well would really be one of the threats. Anyways, all of them deserve to win and wishing all of them good luck!
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