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  1. I suspect that this program was pre-recorded prior to the new year, especially given photos shared and no updates on dad’s hospitalization in Michigan and not near Pettisville. I’m thinking it’ll still be 2022, as this has been the schedule up until now.
  2. So, to clarify, is this on Jan 5th, at 3 pm, est, right? I just want to plop myself down in front of the good tv before my husband turns on Forged in Fireor Moonshiners…not that I don’t watch those. Thank you as always!!
  3. Happy New Year to all here! May our next year be filled with loving kindness, compassion, equality, peace of mind, health, happy music making from GNT and healing for their dad.
  4. Me too. I’m in SE lower Michigan. Not a really far drive. I understand Dad is in the University of Michigan hospital. They are rotating among themselves to visit him. UofM only allows one visitor at a time right now. Poor man…my heart breaks for them.
  5. We had the Dave Brubeck Trio come to my high school, but they were really old guys.
  6. These were great, especially the one with Rob Herrera. That interview was incredibly illuminating. It told me a lot about their process and about each of them as individuals. On a superficial level, all three carry themselves very, very well, with few of the typical repetitive colloquialisms folks use, (eg: no “like…like…like” place savers “uh” or “um”s. That was really refreshing! But what I loved most was the emphasis on them, their family, their voices, how they work and record together and so forth. I hope to hear more interviews like this one. Less “what was it like to perform with Kelly”, (while I do love her), more “how do you go about translating your poetry to song”, stuff. Thank you for posting these! (Imho, sadly, I’m relieved they don’t get to sing with Joni…she is still notoriously difficult and unfortunately emotionally scarred. It’s best in a lot of ways that they experience the dream rather than the reality). Again…just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth.
  7. This is so sweet! It must have been equally special and exciting for all
  8. Gorgeous! I wasn’t aware that it was their dad’s. Poignant…
  9. We need to pile on for Joshua! Per Kelly, (and it’s true), he always smiles when he sings. He can’t help it. Love that kid!
  10. Sebastian is amazing! The young man who won from Sri Lanka was also really, really good!
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