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  1. Last post until s22. I just want to highlight how consistent Kelly is in putting her finalists first.. Never in her 8 seasons did she select a song/project she is a part of as the coach’s duet.. can’t say the same for the other coaches.. (But yeah that duet with GNT wasn’t the best as it did not highlight their harmonies but i guess it was selected to try and show how GNT can sound current )
  2. Oooh forgot about Jordan! Cassadee entered the Hot 200 Top 10 too and Raelyn? But they didn’t really impact much aside from their first 2 weeks? never enough was a decent sized hit but was more credited to the greatest showman popularity and i don’t think Lauren has a follow up or album i am still bummed with what they did to Tessanne and her debut album… I really had high hopes she’d be somewhat successful in the vein of a Kellie Pickler or something (not genre wise but more on Billboard performance)… with the ratings decline of both AI and The Voice i really doubt we’d see a reversal of fortunes for the winners/contestants
  3. Chayce charted on the digital songs chart I think? That chart doesn’t really matter now since there are barely any download sales so… i get your point though that at least they chart somewhere… but to be honest across the board in all talent shows the last one to really chart in the main charts is Phillip Phillips? (Maybe wrong here. Can’t remember an alum ranking high in the Hot 100 or 200 charts)
  4. All recap sites and their surveys (tvline, goldderby, ew etc) are unanimous in pointing to a GNT win, itunes placement does too (Wendy’s OTR can even outsell 2 of GNT’s non finale songs. Yeah i know they are not counted as votes but that’s 1.99 fans are willing to shell out which kinda translate to passion of their fans to vote), GNT may not have outperformed Wendy but they were solid last night and played to their strengths which probably rallied their fans, Wendy kinda sang “dated” songs which weren’t really arranged differently plus somehow since the lives she is a bit disconnected to her songs.. her voice is still fantastic but you don’t feel the passion too much. A lot of people still chining about her solo success before and it’s unfair she’s on the voice. will win 1. GNT 2.Wendy 3. Hailey 4. Paris 5. Jershika should win (imo): 1. Jershika (she always feel connected to her songs and puts extra ooomph and emotions in her delivery) 2. GNT (Bekah always sounds awesome and her bros adds a diff dimension to her voice/sound) 3. Wendy (Vocally most controlled and pitch perfect) 4. Hailey (14 years old! Confidence and potential for days. I think overall she had a better lives run - vocally than Brynn IMO. Tho Brynn got more presence on stage) 5. Paris (Awesome singer but we have seen our share of male singers with great consistent vocals)
  5. I was a fool for underestimating Jershika. I am glad to be wrong that she can win over Lana and J&S.. thoughts on the finalists… It’ll be a GNT crowning for sure… they have been consistently number 1 on itunes placement among the finalists, views and reacts… I am excited to see who will end up second.. it looks like Wendy for sure but Hailey seems to be right behind her.. Paris showed cracks in the semis i would’ve been picking him to place behind GNT but Wendy and Hailey both have momentum.. Jershika I love but if Desz and the countless other Black soulful divas have fallen 4th or 5th it doesn’t bode too well for her.. plus it says a lot she had to win IS twice just to advance..
  6. I am sure Jershika lands in the bottom half and sing for IS. She barely got to the Top 8 and rising 4 spots in the voting seems a tall ask. She might eke out the win in IS tho
  7. J&S or Lana can secure the 4th spot IMHO. I think the only locks today are GNT, Wendy and Hailey Paris ideally would get the 4th PV but his socials for last night was shockingly low compared to prev weeks
  8. I am guessing that next week the ff will be competing in the finale: GNT Paris Jim and Sasha Hailey Wendy (IS) i have a feeling that will he their order too when results are announced. personally I would want either Lana or Joshua instead of J&S… but J&S was selling well on itunes the whole week last week..
  9. Agree especially Hailey! Eeek those knockouts and Play off songs for Team Ariana…. Great that Hailey got on Kelly’s team
  10. Ooops thanks!!! I feel like i’ve been a member for long since been stalking the site for awhile but just joined now lol
  11. Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons from Season 4!! Unfortunately, they were both eliminated at the same freaking time!!
  12. Is the voting closed? Can’t vote. I really think they’ll make the finale. They have an engaged set of fans. Second highest ranked contestants on itunes after the Top 10 lives kinda reinforce that.. plus i don’t think they rely on Ariana’s star power too much (well her star power can barely save anyone anyway..).. sasha has a lot of followers in her socials who seem very engaged
  13. Oooh forgot to mention that my actual preference for the finale: GNT, Hailey, Paris, Wendy then probably Joshua or Lana (sorry but Jershika no matter how talented she is kinda sits in the same lane as Wendy and Paris and out of the 3 of them.. i prefer the other 2 by a smidge). Joshua and Lana are both alone in their respective lanes and are really consistent in giving good performances
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