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  1. I think she did great last week. This week wasn’t great toward the end. Did we forget that she killed it on Alone? She also sounded good on The Dance. It feels like people are being hard on her. But this week wasn’t quite it.
  2. Holly Forbes - Last Dance - 7 Wendy Moten - Jolene - 7 Jeremy Rosado - Freedom Was a Highway - 8 Jershika Maple - Ain't It Fun - 6 Lana Scott - The One That Got Away - 8 Joshua Vacanti - If I Ain't Got You - 7.5 Jim and Sasha - Stay - 6.5 Paris Winningham - Amazed - 8.5 Hailey Mia - Peter Pan - 9 Girl Named Tom - Viva la Vida - 8
  3. You guys are never happy with anything Holly & Jeremy do. Big surprise reading this from you jershika is definitely seeming like a bus situation I’m interested to see what happens tonight
  4. Also, sure Paris & Wendy sound great but are they challenging themselves? The artists that stepped out of their comfort zones are taking this week seriously. Some are doin the same thing as usual with these songs
  5. After lurking on here this season, I’m just going to say that I’m most worried about the artists you guys consider to be “locks” because they usually go home first
  6. This is off the topic, but does anyone here sing too? I hav seen some harsh critics so im wondering if they come from a music degree or just have strong uneducated opinions. Thanks for the honest feedback!
  7. Do you guys think J&S will sound as good as their recording tomorrow? Wow.
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