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  1. I can drag down more amazing vocalists who lack emotions if you want
  2. I guess my point is probably that I don't see Jordan or Danielle getting dragged as much as Wendy here and she's not even as bad as them? But of course, if everyone is just praising everyone like the coaches there will be no discussions.
  3. Why suddenly so defensive lol. Trust me I always have the same criticism against Wendy. Half of her live performances had some pitch issues, half of her live performances felt like she wasn't even trying, and almost every one of them lack emotion But for some reason I just don't think she's that bad. Maybe because of her rich tone, that can solve a lot of problems for me. Regarding the OTW performance, I actually thought she's showing more emotion than before, and probably her best live performance.
  4. Those two are unrelated lol, definitely not saying Jordan can't stay on pitch.
  5. You guys are being too harsh on Wendy. Does she lack emotion? 100%. But she's not any worse than some of the past winners, like Danielle Bradbery or Jordan Smith lol. IMO just enjoy the vocal and if you can't, don't watch it. At least it's better than someone who can't even stay on pitch making the final.
  6. 5. good 4 u by Joshua Vacanti & Keilah Grace 4. I'm Your Baby Tonight by Ryleigh Plank 3. The Sweet Escape by Bella Denapoli 2. I Swear by Berritt Haynes 1. Heather by Sophia Bromberg
  7. Yeah this is probably the first time in a long time I'm actually excited for the finale. I mean I even like 4 out of 5 finalists, when has that ever happen!
  8. These song choices are extra fresh, which is good to see. Except for Hailey's. At this rate Someone you loved is gonna reach If I ain't got you level.
  9. Isn't it the truth In fact the show quality really went downhill after S13 with the messy production and no pre-live studio. But what can you do. These days I'm just watching for fresher song choices.
  10. Sometimes I miss Adam Levine as a coach, at least before he completely lost interest in the show. I mean he's horrible in general, but when a contestant like Connor Christian came on the show and his best choice was Blake just feels...wrong. Ideally Gwen would be like something in that direction, but in reality she just gets obsessed with very young boys. I don't even know if I make any sense, and I genuinely hated him as a coach for the most part during his time on the show. But sometimes I do miss him.
  11. In fact I would say both Me Too and Confident are the top 2 performances in the history of the show So You Think You Can Dance!
  12. Yeah the versatility thing about GNT bugs me too. Of course I'm dying for a folk-ish frontrunner on this show and they are generally very good, but all of their songs don't sound that different from each other. Then again it's really rare to see those type of contestants past PO in recent seasons so I'll accept it.
  13. lol and I thought I was deaf or something I mean not really, it is pretty much expected at this point. Whenever a teenage girl goes into lives, it's semifinals at least. Even Shiann Jones made it to top 10 while being horrible all the time. So I've learned to look at the brightside. At least Hailey is better than some of the teenagers I really disliked.
  14. Honestly? I think no one is more overrated than Hailey. People just have a lower standard for 14-year-olds and she's been doing pretty much the same thing since KO. She's better than most of her age, sure, but that's it. She still lacks vocal control, and almost every song has some part that isn't very pleasant to hear. But this is just the status of the show I guess: obsessing with very young girls and country guys. Then I'm just glad she's at least better than whoever it was sitting nice and pretty in that robe.
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