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  1. Bekah looks like she came in from a beauty pageant. Props to whomever styled her, she had that classic Hollywood look.
  2. Congratulations to all of the contestants and especially to our Top 5!
  3. Honestly wish Jershika could have placed higher but it is what it is. Expected Top 2.
  4. I've never seen it mentioned, but do contestants get any sort of fee for appearing on the show?
  5. Caleb is the eldest, he'll call dibs and they'll have to capitulate. They probably carpool anyway
  6. Wendy is clearing so easily and Blake is trying to catch up it's cute
  7. This is making me think of how it would work live. A different feed, then?
  8. They had material ready, Sasha and Shadale made their own BTS vids and would have gone for this lol
  9. I preferred Ed's earlier records but well. You gotta adjust to trends I guess. Some people just do it better. Also when do we get Kelly/John skits.
  10. They show the performers backstage, so is it that they air pretaped performances but they still perform live in the studio?
  11. See the thing I appreciate about these duets is how the coach lets their contestant shine, it's so great. Jershika & John are golden.
  12. I... that was not what I expected. They might as well have let the T13 do a group performance instead of having them be backup. Keke and Tori were great, though.
  13. Or did they sign before they even won? But wow, I hope they perform it on TKCS!
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