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  1. Fearless forecast: The winner will be Bekah and the runner-up will be Caleb & Joshua Stats-wise it looks like GNT then Wendy/Hailey, and the runner-up between the latter will depend on performance and show placement next week.
  2. It was a lose-lose scenario for Ariana the moment Holly exited. However I do believe this was the better "lose" scenario for her. There would have been so much more censure had J&S made it through.
  3. How many performances do we get next week? 1 solo (full length I assume) per contestant, and then the coach duets? Am I missing anything?
  4. I remain confounded by the direction she was taken on, she had so much potential. At least she's booked right after the show.
  5. Called it on Jershika making finals, I'm very happy. Finale lineup looks very promising. I hope they turn in their best performances next week!
  6. I like everyone in the Finale and I'm looking forward to their performances next week
  7. If this is referencing Ariana, then that's probably because greatest vocalist does not equate to greatest coach or strategist she can learn from this and go on her merry way, she's already got the bag.
  8. Jim deserved to speak but I guess he's just not the type to be public about himself and his feelings
  9. Y'all saying Arianators will vote J&S through when I saw a bunch of them on a Hail Mary saying Ariana will be fine and coaches have been contestant-less on finale before so vote for Jershika tonight, is low-key hilarious
  10. (The meltdowns are entertaining ngl and this has relatively been a predictable night)
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