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  1. Maelyn Jarmon - “Fallingwater” (Season 16, Top 24) Zan Fiskum - “Light On” (Season 18, Blind Audition) Julia Cooper - “Alaska” (Season 19, Blind Audition)
  2. Could be wrong but I think GNT will close. I get the vibe they are the favorite to win, and the producers will try to highlight them by having them close. Brynn and Maelyn closed their respective finales despite also closing two weeks prior so could happen to GNT too.
  3. Out of curiosity, which contestant this season do you think had to overcome the most to reach the finale? I feel like you could make a case for either Hailey or Jershika. Hailey had a hill to climb not being a playoff PV or coach save. She consequently had to fight for a spot in the top 13 through a five-way instant save. On the other hand, Jershika landed in the instant save two weeks in a row (going up against a total of five other people) but ultimately sang her way into the finale.
  4. I think Brynn and Maelyn also covered Coldplay songs just a couple weeks before the finale (and eventually winning). Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for GNT.
  5. If I had to predict a bottom 3, I would say Jim and Sasha just based on how they were in the bottom last week. Jershika’s numbers weren’t too stellar last week and that song was more in her wheelhouse than this week. As for the third, maybe Lana? All the other coach saves have left already. Everyone else is either a playoff PV or on an upward trajectory (Hailey)
  6. It would be kind of cool for Kelly to win with a person she stole. I don’t think she’s ever done that before. I know odds are low for Hailey because GNT is a clear front runner. Regardless, Hailey could be the first ever Team Kelly steal to make it to the finale, which would be pretty awesome.
  7. I know itunes is kind of irrelevant, but she’s is charting in the top 100. The only act besides GNT doing so. She also has the most viewed top 11 performance currently, and I believe she has the second most followers on Instagram after Sasha’s personal account. Again, might not mean much, but I hope all of this bodes well for her.
  8. Some that came to my mind: Season 4, Top 8: Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were both seen as early front runners and insanely talented. Definitely must have hurt Adam to lose both in the same round. I recall this being the episode that many viewers realized just how strong the country bias is as well as its potential to rob some favorites. Season 9, Semifinals: I believe this was the first season that had a “bloodbath” and the field was cut in half right before the finale. Talent like Madi Davis and Amy Vachal left, and the fact that Amy didn’t even get to sing in the instant save was criminal imo. Season 18, Semifinals: Zan, Joanna, Allegra, and Megan were some of my favorites since the blinds, and we had to say goodbye to them all in one night. While I can’t deny that Toneisha crushed her IS save performance and earned a spot in the finale, it did not make the others leaving hurt any less. I feel like at least Allegra could’ve been in the finale if it weren’t for team quotas. There are probably countless other examples, so feel free to share your thoughts.
  9. I know her voice is probably one-of-kind and untouchable, but do any contestants you remind you of her magical, ethereal tone? I’ve seen fans (and in some cases John Legend) compare her to Zan (S18), Cami (S19), and Julia (S19). Most recently, a few people here and on YouTube have stated that Bekah’s voice (from GNT) reminded them of Maelyn but like a softer, more folksy version. Are these comparisons way off or do you see some resemblance?
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