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  1. If Hailey Mia was chosen as a PV during Playoffs, who would win IS? Jeremy, Peedy, or Bella?
  2. if she were given the right songs, she would have made it to the finale.
  3. If we had this format before, Allegra Miles and Gihanna Zoe could have made it to the finale.
  4. OK there's no ariana performance with a finalist for sure hahha
  5. If Brynn Cartelli placed higher than Kyla Jade and the stacked team of Alicia Keys, why not? Maybe, we could have the first playoff wildcard win the show (or not because of GNT)
  6. If Hailey Mia was paired with Sophia during the Battles, she could have stayed in Team Ariana.
  7. only one gets eliminated this week. jim and sasha are two people
  8. Just thinking how did Reagan Strange win the instant save without singing, while Team Ariana can't even win a single IS
  9. I can see either Joshua or Lana going home next week, with Gymani earning another IS. This season we could really see that people are voting for the best IS. I can remember Lynea winning over sandyredd, and ali caldwell and janice losing.
  10. TBH, Gymani really slayed the Instant save. Sadly, ryleigh missed that high note although some parts were good.
  11. maybe she'll sing Rihanna's Diamonds, given that she has a cover in Youtube. Best Thing I Never Had is also a great option for her.
  12. I believe if she sings this next week, she'll get a better reception and become a frontrunner again. I feel that Jim and Sasha leads teamariana votes, but holly could easily snatch that if she gets better song choices.
  13. seeing bella's ig stories and posts saddens me. her personality really radiates. sad to see her go so early. hoped she was given better song choices. well, this season is really between GNT vs. Wendy. Holly, maybe, if Arianators will be invested in the remaining weeks.
  14. I think it somehow deviated from that since Sasha interacts with them in social media, specially in Twitter... in comparison to Bella who barely interacted with them
  15. One thing I have also noticed during the live performances of Bella was that she is easily swallowed by the band. It's hard to hear her, sadly.
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