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  1. I hate to sound out of the know, but can someone please explain what stanning means?
  2. I read the post about Bobby after I posted my last one. That was the season they decided to change how they did the bottom 2. Problem is, it still makes no difference if the bad dancers don't make it to the bottom 2 based on viewer votes. Even if it had been in play by the time Bobby was on the show, he still wouldn't have been voted off....
  3. In all honestly, this season ends like most others, the ones that should be in the finals are voted off, because of a popularity vote, rather than being voted for their skills.
  4. To be honest, I would be sad if Suni doesn't make it through
  5. I think that was Suni's best dance. I am amazed by it.
  6. Cody was just standing there for a lot of that.....
  7. Granted. However I do believe the judges are also human, and do make mistakes. Anyway, gotta wait for the rest of the dances I guess.
  8. Oh, I think I misunderstood when you made the comment. Lol.
  9. To be honest, she has a right to be the lift police she is a judge after all
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