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  1. Congrats to wendy moten, for me you are really the best. Hope to hear good project coming from in the near future. wonder if come on and out of the rain will have gained strong airplay after this
  2. Jershika should benefit the most from the win, i hope she will win...well after wendy haha
  3. Those complainers have splilled their intention, by them self cause they want their fav to win. That says all. I'm ignore them. Like if you want to to change much why dont you make new song with a sample of it. A lot of artist doesnt like their song to be performed in different way. and wendy get high praise and respect from whoever she has worked with in the past that shows her capability musically. This is what matters the most than those complainers
  4. always more excited her live than studio's. of all her studio versions, her vocals are just over smoothly processed to the point that they are not so recognizable.
  5. Yeah right, all 5 are all equally deserving, but i trully wish wendy get this.
  6. really hard at this point to pull upset against gnt unless wendy'll get caught up in-tears moment during her vulnerably performance, kelly's piece by piece like moment
  7. Yes to freeway of love, as good as it was, i was thinking she might consider to get into the final and not wanting to win this. I meant her goal was to increase her gigs flow better in the future to outside tenesse and memphis. Iam glad i was wrong. Amen for her to speedy recovery so we can see her full fledge perfomance in the finale
  8. Need wendy doing Slow: the great gigs in the sky/ pink floyd Upbeat: make it happen/ mariah carey
  9. On John Oates featuring wendy, started at 3.05, she's really truly amazing https://fb.watch/9MeQOUKnEt/
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