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  1. Participated in a previous show, this powerhouse male vocalist is unexpected.
  2. I’m honestly really sad about Rebecca and Kendra. I watched them both on The Voice and it’s sad to see they got eliminated. Rebecca posted her audition post yesterday! Kendra posted a clip of her new song on tiktok it is really good. I’m kind of happy she didn’t make it for the sole reason of her releasing more music.
  3. Top 24 hint: Power voice, but even better with runs. Soothing but hits all the right notes. Her age is no sign of talent.
  4. Source anonymous. 3 confirmed Top 24 so far. Will post first hint in 10 minutes
  5. A majority of the contestants who were eliminated in Hollywood week should not have gone home (Inside source from crew mentioned)
  6. I found an inside source mentioning someone who made it to Top 24 this season should not be there. Not because of their voice, but because of problems with their personality. It is a girl.
  7. Landan Ash - https://www.instagram.com/landanash/ Maurice The Music - https://www.instagram.com/mauricethemusic/ New posters
  8. Another auditioner... https://www.instagram.com/p/CVgVealLDfM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. YES!!!!! I am so glad that Kendra is coming back to our TV's!! She was one of my favorites for Season 16... they should have given her a better song on Top 24 and she would have made it to 4 guaranteed.
  10. Honestly this season is confusing me haha! But last nights battle with Girl Named Tom was one of my fav's
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