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  1. Hailey's Blinds was okay, her battle was iffy. And then she stepped into a whole new gear when pitted against the Cunningham Sisters, and hasn't really dropped the ball since. Ariana turned for 9 out of the top 11 contestants (not Jershika or Lana). Only Jim & Sasha picked her. Holly was a steal. Her decision not to save Bella is iffy, but Bella messed up with her previous 3 performances. Imo it's not really Ariana's fault 8 out of the 9 contestants she turned for in the top 11 didn't pick her. She had a weak team from auditions onwards. But she hasn't made any grievous mistakes really. That being said, I doubt she'll be back. She has other stuff to do. Plus her fans haven't enjoyed the show since auditions, when it was clear her team was pretty weak. They'll watch clips and check out her outfits, but her tweets about the show get very low engagement, and most fans I follow stopped watching the show weeks ago. Bella and Katie's Enough is Enough was the high point, and it's all been downhill since then.
  2. Going off initial stats, it seems those most are risk are Ryleigh, Shadale, Gymani, Joshua, Lana. I think Shadale will be 1st out. And I think it's a toss up between Ryleigh and Joshua - unless I'm missing something with regards to his popularity?
  3. Regarding Ariana's fans vs the Minivan vote, the latter has had years to download the app and they know how the show works. I doubt many Ariana stans have downloaded it, and in general, her stans haven't really been enthused about the show. I also saw many Ariana stans on twitter saying they voted for both Hailey and Bella for instant save lol, and were dismayed that they helped Hailey win lol. And many more missed out in the voting window cause they didn't realize it was a 5minute vote. When the comeback was announced, Hailey was leading the pack until Ariana put out her own tweet guiding her fans towards Vaughn. Without her being able to do that for live votes, her fans are really struggling with how the voting works.
  4. Snoop and Ed for me. Snoop had great feedback and was effortlessly charming and funny, Ed offered really good perspectives - him laughing about record label pizza parties, where he'd show up, sing for 2 ppl who half way thru the song went "meh" took their pizza and left, was equal parts funny and very encouraging.
  5. Oh well that's interesting for Team Ariana. One of my big concerns for them was if Ariana did a second season that starts in spring, odds are with a new crop of contestants, plus her own career stuff, she might be too busy to help them. Still no guarantee she will, but odds are far more in their favor.
  6. I read that in the very early seasons, either Blake or Adam would host parties at their house and the contestants (I assume top 20) and coaches and their spouses would meet up. Maybe just as time went on, they lost enthusiasm - though they have all to varying degrees tried to help contestants outside the show. I've seen both Adam and Blake complain about Republic Record's lack on interest in supporting/promoting the winner. Whereas say what you will about Simon Cowell, but at least he and Syco were fully prepared to prop up the winners/breakout acts of X Factor for a good few years, and did it well. Ariana doesn't need the show, whether or not she returns is up in the air and likely depends on her schedule next year. Her being so supportive is a mix of her being a newbie and still having that enthusiasm, and her still being in her prime and having the confidence that, with the right songs, she probably can help her artists solidify solid enough fanbases to give them a huge boost to start their careers. And her being one of Republic's top artists and having a near decade's long close relationship w the ppl who run it doesn't hurt either.
  7. Actually might happen - Silk Sonic's new album comes out in 2 weeks and Ariana is rumored to be featured - not confirmed, but Bootsy Collins posted about the album, tagged Bruno, Anderson, Childish Gambino, and Ariana. Then deleted Gambino and Ariana's tags from the post after fans found it.
  8. Might be fthe first time I agree with Facebook almost completely lol - though I did enjoy Jim & Sasha. But overall while thrilled/stunned by Jershika and Paris, I felt the performances were lacking tonight overall.
  9. Besides promo posts which her team makes, she does control her own social media. Scooter Braun's strategy with both herself and Bieber was to let them have full control of their social media, no publicists just them and the fans. This was more controlled for Bieber,esp a few years ago, but Ariana had been doing it herself since her Victorious days - and she left the show with more followers than any other cast member, despite not being the main character. You should have seen how Scooter and Allison (his business partner) operated online when Bieber was falsely accused of rape. She was sourcing evidence from twitter stans, who put him in a different city (with Selena Gomez) on the night alleged. It was wild and very much not the Olivia Pope operation I imagined.
  10. Adam Levine said his big frustration was NBC/The Voice does a great job offering exposure, but the artists get to the record label and no one there cares. Coincidentally (or not) Ariana is signed to Republic. So whoever wins may get a boost in attention from the label bc of her. We'll have to see. I'm mostly hoping she can get them connected with decent songwriters/producers and festival bookers. If they put out an album and it flops, oh well, that's business. But at least if they have support creatively, plus notice from her platform, and a chance to perform live at some notable places, that would be a massive starting off point.
  11. Similar to LiBianca w Cameroon fans, Vaughn has awakened a following in the Arianators from the Philippines, where Ariana is huge. When it comes to online voting, there's some recent Australian fan voted award Ariana is up for - saw a random tweet breaking down the numbers, and the top 4 territories she received votes from were Brazil, Philippines, USA, Indonesia.
  12. Omg I'm illiterate, sorry for the mess I just tried to respond and delete a comment I had quoted earlier, accidentally hit submit, hence the blank comment, which I can't figure out how to delete Anyways just wanted to say David did an amazing job with the Selena song. He's very smart so however far he makes it in lives, I think he's got his foot in the door of the industry and I have hopes that his talent will help him establish a solid career at the very least. Ryleigh was good but my issue with her choice is she didn't make me forget Miley's version, which is sort of my baseline for covers. Her version of Anyone by Demi felt like her own song. I didn't feel that with this performance.
  13. YouTube views are up significantly this season compared to previous ones. I know Cam Anthony has consistently pretty great numbers compared to the rest of last season, but wasn't paying attention to know if that was a trend season long, or if it was a result of him winning. Compared to Facebook, has YouTube ever been a somewhat reliable factor in a contestant's popularity with The Voice voters?
  14. Girl Named Tom - of any of the contestants in the whole competition, I would totally go out of my way to see them live. However, if they don't win or don't make it far in lives, I understand since the group thing is something I go back and forth on myself.
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