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  1. I found out that NBC asked the Kindergarten classes here at GNT's hometown Elementary school to sign release papers. I am wondering if their TikTok video of the the Thank You for the letters/mail they received won't be part of the video clip tomorrow night..
  2. It's actually Bekah's journal. She has commented many times in interviews that she is keeping a journal and has IG stories of it. It's her handwriting
  3. They perform this way most of the time in their live concerts. It by no means takes away from their vocals but just goes to show you how extremely musically talented they each are. I would only be afraid that the general public would not appreciate this for it's true worth and would sadly look at it more as a variety show. Who knows, maybe I'm not giving America enough credit...
  4. About their PO song- Bekah: β€œIt’s more challenging… it’s showing a different side to us that we think America will like.” https://www.iheart.com/podcast/866-wndh-news-28494050/episode/girl-named-tom-interview-on-88625176/?cmp=web_share&embed=true&pname=fb&campid=s&keyid=1610212622&fbclid=IwAR3cH__WxgFZ5yFBzQMiWW1uuHmlXAOi59dik9ThRw6OsbaqDAAmPSmMcfM
  5. Chris Liechty (Dad) has a CaringBridge site that he periodically updates about his cancer journey. Here is the latest update from yesterday. https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/chrisliechty/journal/view/id/6181a974d87b124b08495d36?utm_source=JEN&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JEN+email&token=ZXlKMGVYQWlPaUpLVjFRaUxDSmhiR2NpT2lKSVV6STFOaUo5LmV5SjFjMlZ5U1dRaU9qSXdPRE0xTkRNM0xDSnlaWE52ZFhKalpVbGtJam9pTmpFNE1XRTVOelJrT0RkaU1USTBZakE0TkRrMVpETTJJaXdpZEhsd1pTSTZJbXB2ZFhKdVlXd2lMQ0pwYzNOMVpXUkJkQ0k2TVRZek5Ua3dPVGt4TkgwLndVY29YNDFYcXg1ZXcyRVduWGhfVUFoQ2N5ZDJLSFUzUzVuZjc2QndNc0E%3D&utm_content=visitsite
  6. and he was seen with GNT (or at least Bekah) in their tiny hometown in NW Ohio a couple weeks ago!
  7. I know them. I've watched them grow up. My kids have been in musicals with them. I was to their first concert as an "official" band. When they sang at a friends wedding (before they were a sibling band) we were all saying they should sing together in a band!! They are gifted! They are a sweet family.
  8. https://www.pettisvilleschools.org/page/gnt-watch-party Got my tickets!! I'm there!! We are SOOOO excited!!!
  9. It was no secret GNT was in their hometown for a bit this past weekend.
  10. https://nbc24.com/news/local/band-of-fulton-county-siblings-featured-on-the-voice
  11. The stigma of "the title" of the show needs to be gone. The rules of the show have never changed. It has always been a solo, duet, or trio. PEOPLE need to get over "THE TITLE" of the show and learn how to follow the rules. Gosh, I am so tired of everywhere "let's forget the rules, rules don't apply, only when I want them to." FOR THE LOVE!
  12. Funny story: I was talking with a friend today who sat beside GNT's grandma yesterday is church Grandma L is in her mid-90s, very active, and a talker! Well, Grandma L would NOT stop talking about these grandkids of her's who are on TV. My friend told her that if she didn't stop talking she was going to have to move because she didn't want spoilers for tonight!!! Didn't matter to Grandma L, she just kept talking. Spilled all the news and more than what she probably should have!! Grandma L is one-of-a-kind!
  13. Well, earlier today their IG stories were showing them back in their hometown..so I wonder if they are watching the battles with their family tonight?? I bet they are!!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j51lfkZziqA Interesting facts about this song. Mick sought GNT out over the Internet. He is in Italy. They never had met. During the pandemic they put this together (separated by 8,000 miles!). Mick has opened for Ed Sheeran!!! (Look it up on YouTube!) Now GNT gets to work with Ed!!! Small world. Mick did come stay with them for a good portion of the summer as you can see in many of their IG posts.
  15. My source told me this morning that GNT flies out to LA already this next week!
  16. Apologies!!!!!! @Loveda123 my "reliable" source just sent me a message TONIGHT correctly themselves that it WAS Caleb's girlfriend and Caleb's friend (in the front) from college in the premiere family/friends "watch party". We knew Josh had a girlfriend but had no idea Caleb was dating anyone!!! Sorry!
  17. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-jeremiah-show/id1186940086?i=1000537173541
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