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  1. https://www.etonline.com/the-voice-stunning-vocal-trio-girl-named-tom-gets-the-first-4-chair-turn-of-season-21-172531?amp&fbclid=IwAR3b0GHjpfqNvYAO4Ssf0ceC-G3lGw0_Qj4GVAnYQ9FQMsywhS8tZiWWJUY
  2. Chris, Dad, wasn't playing the drums tonight. He went with GNT to PA to their gig there.
  3. I'm going to listen to their Dad's band tonight. They do not play that often together. They are for an older crowd but are very talented. We enjoy going and listening to local bands (all styles).
  4. Yes, "23" was written by their Dad. It is written after the 23 Psalm.
  5. Hilarious!!! John Crist is THE BEST!!!! I have some friends that went to see him a couple weeks ago and they got roasted big time by him!!
  6. I heard someone ask Caleb at the fair today if they were getting a lot ppl asking them for autographs now and at the fair. He said just Bekah
  7. No he doesn’t work on a farm He works for a company that sells farm equipment. These pictures are taken at our county fair. Actually I just left there, I saw them walking around (didn’t see Josh today).
  8. I have heard them sing many times over the past several years together. (I attended their first ever concert!) This past Sunday evening they did not sing as many covers as what they had in the past. You all know, everything they sing is AMAZING. I heard many of their originals for the first time in person. Bekah solo Your Toy that she wrote could be on the radio right now! Hearing the story behind it made me laugh since most of us their knew EXACTLY who she was referring to! Also, I wanted to just cry listening to the song Daddy that Bekah sang. THE WORDS! gah! I think we all were holding in (or not) the tears. (personal info that they may/may not share their Dad has been battling an non-curable cancer, Chordoma for several years now. He is actively pursuing clinical trials in many states.). I also enjoyed Seeds. Of course, I loved all of their popular ones, Backup Plan, Carolina, Jolene, and 23 (the one their Dad wrote). I just need to add they are not only amazing to listen to but FUN to watch!! They all are confident, calm and collected on stage. Bekah brings the sweetness to the group. Josh adds the humor and just seems to love to watch his siblings perform. Caleb's facial expressions ARE THE BEST!! Seriously, his expressions while he is performing (and he doesn't even realize it) ADD SO MUCH to their performance! The 2 brothers are obviously very protective of their little sister. Josh said it was Bekah's dream to be on The Voice. She just needed her brothers to get on board with her.
  9. Sadly, when we were moved indoors due to the weather not everyone stayed. (This was at intermission time)
  10. We did hear they are going back to LA in October or November … sorry I can’t remember
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