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  1. a majority of what I like are rocker 1. Todd Michael hall 2. Girl named Tom 3. Chloe Kohanski (AKA Chloe MK) 4. Jim and Sasha Allen 5. Maelyn Jarmon 6. Britton Buchanan 7. Moriah Formica 8. Adam Pierce (Whitney Fenmore tie) 9. Jake Hoot (only country artist on the list) 10. Jordan Matthew Young
  2. The opening to Jim and Sasha's knockout (aka Jim's harmonica solo) (it's in my head rent free)
  3. Jim and Sasha Allen's cover lives in my head rent free
  4. I am not a fan of really rough rasp voices. Love voices that are smooth and clear
  5. ^ Ricky's Born under a bad sign and Team Blake's george harrsion cover with the most people on stage live in mine rent free
  6. Oh Bekah. We love you anyway. PS, got their version of Helplessly hoping added to my music library
  7. The voice needs a singer/saxophonist like her (It's way too overdue)
  8. I was hoping we would get a Bekah flute solo, BUT CONGRATS ON WINNING:) Can't wait to see what they have in store next.
  9. I really hope next season we finally have a saxophonist who can sing be a contestant on the show.
  10. one of the most polished contestants overseas (Wish the US version had someone like him)
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