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  1. Pitching that Harry Styles would be a great coach, he’s more interesting than Nick and can fill the pop route that Ariana will leave open and his songs have been covered a lot on the shows recent seasons Falling 20, 19, Sweet Creature 17, Watermelon Sugar 20, 19, Adore You 20, Sign of the Times 14, 18, 20. Also he’s much more known than Nick and I think he can draw in a lot of new viewers like how Ariana did but better this time. Team Styles


    Possibly draw in more Rock artists too?

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  2. 3 minutes ago, B-B said:

    I wasn’t aware there was a maximum of five black women in the lives

    too many soul icons in the lives are never good because there are many others in that genre. people will want to pick one out of the 6


    and it’s not like her knockout was good enough to send her to the lives 

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