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  1. Keep your open you may not see her on the contest but this is just her beginnings sheโ€™s on
  2. Sheโ€™s really like that too!Those awesome dance moves stole my heart Thats my awesome wife!!!She loves these!!!
  3. I would say itโ€™s up there she never sings the song the same. This was a more different Hailey I get to see. The Voice and Blake did a great job showing an pulling more of her rock side out of her I love it!!!โœŒ
  4. Yes he was very proud!!! She had me floored and I here her sing that song all the time but this was a different level.
  5. Yes!!! I wasnโ€™t sure if she was going to play either Iโ€™m glad she did!!! She rocked!!!I love Blakeโ€™s smiles as she preformed Through the song!I also have to say for some reason John Legend shirt is on I felt it matched her performance!!!
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