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  1. Virtual Couch Concert featuring Chevel Shepherd Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 From 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time AARP New Mexico is proud to partner with New Mexico’s own Chevel Shepherd for a special concert, Sunday, Sept. 12, at 5:30 p.m., honoring grandparents. In addition to some incredible music, you'll hear real-life experiences from grandparents who are raising grandchildren and sharing resources. https://local.aarp.org/aarp-event/aarp-new-mexico-presents-a-special-evening-with-chevel-shepherd-xlnglyzvsvh.html
  2. Five of the ten Marines that are deceased were 20 years old, just a year older than Chevel herself. Some brew pubs and bars are having an empty table set with 13 glasses of beer. The irony is that these five were too young to have an adult beverage!
  3. Hi all. I have a special request that maybe one of you could forward to Chevel (for various reasons I don't do social media like Facebook or Instagram). I'm a veteran and the loss of 13 armed forces members on Thursday has affected me deeply. Likewise a co-worker is a Marine veteran and his text response to me was Semper Fi. Chevel's brother was in the army so I know they are feeling that loss too. My request for Thursday song day is "God Bless America." No matter your religion, race, ethnicity or national origin we can all use His blessing in this time of national turmoil.
  4. Wow! So good and so smooth. Chevel's dad posted this video of her singing in Montana last weekend. Sparse but enthusiastic crowd and she sounds SO good!
  5. That's certainly true. Most of their blogs have had to do with investor lawsuits, fights with competitors and document filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. They are trying to launch competition to NetFlix entitled MyFlix. I have yet to see a movie trailer for this production (there are trailers for movies/TVseries with the same name on YouTube). But I hope for the best for this effort.
  6. "WILDFIRE" is a family-appeal feature film inspired by the #1 international hit song by Michael Martin Murphey and the Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse. The film stars Chevel Shepherd, winner of NBC's "The Voice" competition, along with screen veteran Anne Heche, Native American star Mo Brings Plenty ("Yellowstone"), Michael Martin Murphey ("Lonesome Dove") and Cassie Self ("Sweet Inspirations"). The announcement of additional star talent in the film is being withheld as per an agreement for first-break of this news with a major entertainment publication. "WILDFIRE" tells the story of a 16-year old girl whose life in Dallas is turned upside down with the tragic death of her father in a car accident. With no other options, the girl (Samantha) moves to Oklahoma - along with her mother and younger brother - to live with Grandma Bette at her home on Sparrowhawk Mountain. Samantha struggles to adapt to this new lifestyle, but is shunned by the local popular girls and secretly reeked with guilt that she may have contributed to her father's car crash. While walking home from school each day, Samantha finds herself being followed by one of the many wild horses in the area. Ultimately, she and the horse connect into what blossoms into an emotional awakening for Samantha and a turning point for her new life. But tragedy strikes again when a summer Tornado rips through the region, frightening the horse she has named "Wildfire" and triggering his escape from the barn and into the woods. Samantha fights the wind and rains in her pursuit of the horse into the night until a fall off the cliff puts her life in mortal danger. The entire town turns out in a massive search-and-rescue attempt to find Samantha the next day. But it is not until Wildfire himself alerts the local spiritual leader, Udeli Soquili, that Samantha is found and rescued. "Wildfire" is an uplifting story of redemption and forgiveness, set against the stunning vistas of the eastern Oklahoma mountains and rivers. The film has a broad appeal to all audiences and an impressive music score, including new tracks by Michael Martin Murphey, Chevel Shepherd and many more artists. https://hannoverhousemovies.blogspot.com/2021/03/hannover-house-sets-wildfire-buyers.html
  7. The film "Wildfire" was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week and was received well by audiences according to the investor report: " Highlighting the strong “Native American” cast and crew angle, WILDFIRE was able to elevate itself above most of the other independent films at Cannes to draw media interest and support. This strategy also served as a terrific catalyst for branding and visibility of the upcoming MyFlix streaming venture." There were supposed to be further high-profile cast additions prior to the film's release but they were not mentioned in the release. https://hannoverhousemovies.blogspot.com/2021/07/big-win-for-hhse-myflix-media-day-in.html
  8. I've been to concerts where the main feature seemed to be OSHA-violating decibels! Maybe appropriate for large outdoor venues, but not indoors. At the end of her show, she made it a point to congratulate her sound man for doing a good job (she was signing posters and CD's in the room while the earlier band was playing).
  9. I attended Chevel's concert in Roswell last night and she put on a wonderful performance singing for ninety minutes. Most songs were from her album with some covers of favorites like "Red Neck Woman" and her new "Looking for Loretta" single and one other new one I didn't recognize. There were no songs from her time on the Voice. The band that preceded her, "Straight Tequila Night" was from DFW and so loud I went out to my truck to get earplugs but they were not needed for Chevel's excellent performance. Attendance was very disappointing in my opinion - I would say only several hundred to four hundred max (I'll see if I get a better number when I talk to a friend later today). There was lots of room (the convention hall could hold 1,800) and we could bring in our own chairs (like you would have at a picnic). I attribute this to two things - first weather. The show was moved indoors due to flooding earlier in the week and a forecast for more heavy storms this weekend. However last night was clear but hot and steamy and we were glad to be indoors. The second possible reason was lack of advertising on the local country stations. I listened off and on all week alternating between two of them and didn't hear a mention though one was heavily pushing an upcoming concert in the DFW area and talking drawings for a free trip with benefits. However, before and after the performance Chevel signed posters and her first CD, and the line after her show had fifty or more waiting visit and purchase. Her mom held down the table which was in the convention hall along with refreshment stands and a couple of other vendors. Outside the room in the foyer there were dozens of booths set up to sell UFO related items and knickknacks. My young friend (about her age) brought his girlfriend and they danced just about every song in front of the stage and they were very good and complemented her singing entertainment. There was also a young 60's couple who were lively too - it was very much fun to see. Very few other than those two couples danced, although there was plenty of room for them. I'm uploading a picture but the max size (60kB) is so small it's little more than a thumbnail in the preview.
  10. New forum member here and New Mexico fan of Chevel. I will be attending her concert tonight at UFO festival in Roswell. Show was originally to be outdoors but is now inside at the convention center due to severe flooding from early monsoon storms. Venue only holds 1,800 and no seating for general admission so will see how popular she is locally. She will be following at least one local band so some will be there for them.
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