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  1. AMAZING 1a.) Jim and Sasha 1b.) David GREAT 3.) Ryleigh 4.) Raquel 5.) Katie Good 6.) Bella Meh 7.) Katherine 8.) Manny
  2. Landslide and TEOTH are equal, but i voted TEOTH since it was live.
  3. I loved all of these, so I just voted for the breakout moment
  4. Maybe Kenzie because his audition song was "Dont Close Your Eyes"
  5. Ariana and Jim & Sashas duet in the Finale wouldve been "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
  6. Ariana and Jim and Sashas duet in the Finale song was "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
  7. Although i wouldve perferred Wendy It became pretry obvious they would be finalists after Knockouts, and then it became obvious they would be the winners after seeing them chart after the Top 13. I voted Knockouts.
  8. Wendy and then Lauren then Toneisha then Meghan lol
  9. Random question lol but was Koryn Hawthornes Battle montaged?
  10. YES (might be unpopular but idc lol) 1.) Holly 2.) Hailey Great Job! 3.) Gymani 4.) Girl Named Tom Good Job 5.) Jeremy Not bad 6.) The Cunningham Sisters 7.) Xavier Meh 8.) Kinsey Rose
  11. Dont know if anyone remembers this but I find myself going back to rewatch this every once in a while
  12. Hello. I'm here to acknowledge this I will never understand how THIS only makes it to Top 11...
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