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  1. I know this was a long time ago, but the way none of yall got it right Edit: Someone just voted Devan
  2. 1. Matthew 2. Todd 3. Jordan (and how do him and Carter sound alike lol)
  3. 1. It's close, but Brynn 2. Maelyn 3. It's even tbh
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CX7CoeLvG8i/?utm_medium=copy_link Bella DeNapoli realesing studio recording of all of her performances on the voiceee!! Including her Battle with Katie Rae (not including her instant save lol)
  5. 10 Alisan Both, but voted Billy because his audition is one of my favorites of all time
  6. 5 Love both, but Tessanne Jaquie
  7. -I didnt watch either but I voted 6 because of Sisaundra and Christina lol -Josh -Matt
  8. 19 close one, but Carter Toneisha
  9. S15 Consistant queen Chevel Britton
  10. S13 Chloe (its close tho) Lauren (also close)
  11. You know your good when no one votes your blind audition as the best performance lol. Consistant Queen
  12. Decided to specify for my favorite winner lol 1.) Total Eclipse of The Heart 2.) Landslide 3.) The Chain 4.) I Wanna Know What Love Is
  13. From Season 18-21 -Todd Tilghman: I Can Only Imagine -Megan Danielle: Peice by Peice -Toneisha Harris: Diamonds -Allegra Miles: Use Somebody -Robbed Queen Kailey Abel: Forever Young -Tamara Jade: Cuz I Love You -Lauren Frihauf: If The World Was Ending -Payge Turner: Creep -Cami Clune: Skinny Love/I Put A Spell On You/Never Tear Us Apart -Carter Rubin: Rainbow Connection -Desz: Don't Let Go -Cam Anthony: Stand Up -Corey Ward: Already Gone -Carolina Rial: Stay With Me -Ryleigh Plank: Use Somebody/pov -Gihanna Zoe: Glitter In The Air -Rachel Mac: Human -Lindsay Joan: Nightmare -Rio Doyle: When We Were Young -Anna Grace: If I Die Young/Let Her Go -Wendy Moten: Over The Rainbow -Lana Scott: Wildest Dreams/The One That Got Away -Joshua Vacanti: The Show Must Go On -Hailey Green: Home -Paris Winningham: Use Me -Gymani: pov/Pillowtalk/Say Something -Raquel Trinidad: Valerie -Hailey Mia: Arcade/Elastic Heart -Holly Forbes: Superstar/Alone -The Cunningham Sisters: It's My Party -Jershika Maple: Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  14. None of these are close for me lol -21 -Cam -Wendy
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