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  1. 1. Mandi, but i honestly didn't care for either 2. Just SLIGHTLY Megan, but Cam was amazing too 3. Zan but i don't care for either
  2. Matthew Craig- i hate that i'm saying this i loved Anita's auditon Madi, but Amy was amazing too
  3. Have to give it to Ryleigh and Gean
  4. Koryn Hawthorne and Vance Smith's Battle song was "Love Me Harder" by Ariana and The Weeknd, not no tears left to cry
  5. Who is voting Break Every Chain over I Won't Give Up...
  6. When I first watched it I thought Max won the Knockout but I find myself watching Katie's more. I voted Katie.
  7. Bella DeNapoli's Studio Recordings of a her The Voice performances has been released!! They were all incredible. "Sweet Escape" was my favorite. Chandelier and Sweet Escape were much better than they were on the show.
  8. Happy birthday Chloeee!!! My favorite winner
  9. This is really hard, but I voted Abby
  10. Victor wasnt a 4 Chair Turn, he was 3.
  11. Victor with Rose a VERY close 2nd.
  12. I didn't think The Sweet Escape was a bad song choice, she just didn't execute it that well. I didn't think it was as bad as some of yall were saying lol. liked the arrangement tho, cant wait for the studio!
  13. Libiancas full version of "everything i wanted" is out everywhere now! In the end she randomly goes "I just farted"
  14. Season 8 India Carney, Sawyer Fredricks Season 9 Madi Davis, Amy Vachal Season 10 Hannah Huston, Alisan Porter, Sarayah Season 12 Brennley Brown, Lilli Passero Season 13 Chloe Kohanski Season 14 Brynn Cartelli, Christiana Danielle, Kyla Jade Season 15 Chevel Shepherd, Kirk Jay, Kymberli Joye, Natasia GreyCloud, Patrique Fortson, SandyRedd Season 17 Hello Sunday, Rose Short, Joana Martinez Season 18 Toneisha Harris, Megan Danielle, CammWess, Cedrice Season 19 Carter Rubin, Desz, Sid Kingsley, Chloe Hogan, Cami Clune, John Holiday Season 20 Zae Romeo, Ryleigh Modig, Corey Ward, Rachel Mac, Anna Grace, Gihanna Zoe, Zania Alake, Pia Renee Season 21 Holly Forbes, Shadale, Wendy Moten, Jim and Sasha Allen, David Vogel, Gymani, Hailey Mia, Jershika Maple, Paris Winningham, Lana Scott
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