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  1. How I Met Kris Allen and Let Him Ruined My Life (lol)

    (Part 1)


    Some important points before getting to the main story:

    • I don't really follow music.
    • The only American Idol season I've watched on TV was the 6th (I was 9–10) and somehow failed to follow the series on later seasons.
    • Indonesia stopped airing American Idol after Season 7 whereas its Indonesian counterpart (Indonesian Idol), after Season 5 (April–August 2008), took a break for 1 year and continued its course in 2010.
    • I was 11–12 when Season 8 ran.
    • I didn't have access to the internet until I was 14.


    Now the question: how come I could discover Kris Allen and even became his fan when I already lost contact and interest of the show for so long? tl;dr Wikipedia.


    On one unparticular day in 2015, a random unknown force drove my curiosity to read a Wikipedia article about American Idol. I thought, "Oh... I used to be so hyped watching this when I was in the 4th grade. It felt so unreal that I discussed American Idol, a foreign show, with friends." The article was unsurprisingly long and there were even some links for articles per season. I scanned the page and decided to skip some topics to jump right to the controversies. There was a separate article then I opened it.


    I read the article and even studied and analyzed controversies that were transpiring. One example was "split voting" when three African-American contestants unexpectedly fell to the bottom 3 despite their stellar performance. My curiosity compelled me to open several new tabs for related articles.


    After several scrolls, I stopped when I saw a familiar name: Adam Lambert. "Eh... where did I hear this name before?" (It took me some time to remember it but that's for another story). Again, I opened related articles during his season and indubitably I landed on the winner of that season article itself, Kris. Important: For some reason, I didn't manage to read the article about Adam and Season 8 itself thoroughly at that time.


    My first impressions reading the article about Kris:

    • Oh God! His hair is so perfect.
    • Hey I know that song, Apologize from OneRepublic!
    • He sang MJ, nice!
    • He seemed to be very nice, laid-back, and down-to-earth given his background expounded here.
    • Hold on, he's married?! And he's the only married contestant to win?!!


    I decided to take a listen to his songs, to give Kris a bit of chance. It was on December 5, a week before my birthday. The first album I listened to was his Horizons. If I am to be honest with you, it didn't sit well at first. It was... just not what I expected from an American Idol winner—coming from someone who only watched a single season and not a music enthusiast I'm aware it sounds ludicrous. But I love Beautiful and Wild and It's Always You on my first listen.


    Later I learned that Horizons was the album after he "parted his ways" from the labels. "Ah, this must be his first album released on his own post-Idol. I should try his previous ones," I thought. So I listened to the songs from Brand New Shoes at first but I jumped too quickly on many songs and didn't give them a proper listen. Then I went to his debut album, KATA


    What captured my heart for the first time was The Truth. I don't know how but I just kept replaying the song over and over. The next in line that enchanted me was Red Guitar. I learned that it was the song Kris solely wrote for the album so I thought it was very cool for it to be featured despite its repetitive notes. Learning the meaning behind the actual "red guitar" drove me more to love the song. Other ones were Is It Over for its blues vibe (?) and Let It Rain for his amazing falsetto note near the end of the song. In time I grew to love the whole album.


    Fun fact: The Truth might stole my heart at first but not with the music video. Meanwhile, Live Like We're Dying music video was superior but the music, well it's catchy though, just isn't for me. I hate flying and don't want to die.


    This went the same way with BNS. But, the one song that made my heart opened and awakened was Running. I remember reading somewhere that Kris's voice was like a warm fire or something (when the writer made a comparison to Adam's) and this... this song was just the perfect warm source of light I've always sought.

    Eventually I came across Thank You Camellia, even used My Weakness reff as my ringtone. 

    Out Alive had this somewhat sad but optimistic feeling; it attracted me. Teach Me How Love Goes stood out among the rest of the songs as well as MonsterBetter With You should have its own music video where Kris strolls around the town, through the subway and the rain. I can't believe they only made one music video on TYC!


    So anyway those three albums occupied my most-played playlist for a long time. Horizons was my least favorite because it was just that different but by no means it's not an awesome album! I became fond of it in time! In time.


    As time went on I discover more and more articles and videos about him. His idol experience, his life before and after Idol (the car wreck news devastated me knowing fully his career always revolves around his guitar/his hand), interviews, etc. while at the same time trying not to get too attached and careless enough out of admiration to display my freak side to him lol. I was so invested in Kris that I actually evangelized about him to virtually all of my friends at one point.


    One thing I know for sure though, is that ever since then, my life has never been the same.

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