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  1. Weird. I found it on another account, did I get blocked for some reason? I didn’t ever interact with her or anything
  2. What happened to her instagram? It got deleted or something.
  3. If they switched back to 12 per team and still only have 3 live shows then would there be a point in adding 2 more per team? I’m going to be disappointed if we don’t get at least 1 more live show.
  4. Do you guys think we will be having a normal season or do you think we will be having another shortened one?
  5. Not quite, Jon’s KO partner (Arei Moon) didn’t get PV.
  6. Jon Mullins Sid Kingsley Chloe Hogan James Pyle
  7. If Cam only sung Dead Or Alive for his cover and an original, would he still have won?
  8. How many scenarios has there been where fb doesn’t predict the winner? I just started watching the show recently and I REALLY want Cam to win. It sounds like Kenzie’s ahead in numbers though...
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