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  1. Here's to Joshua Vacanti holding his own in the Top 8 against six female soloists and one female-led trio!
  2. Have watched regularly with my mother since the pandemic started, so seasons 18-21. Sometimes together, oftentimes from our respective homes, and calling each other afterwards to recap. She enjoys the music and doesn't like how contestants are trotted out 3-4 times per live show to figure out who is "safe"... I think it makes her secondhand anxious. Her favorites: 18: Toneisha 19: Carter 20: Cam, Dana Monique 21: GNT, Wendy, Jershika, Paris all were her favorites... she couldn't decide.
  3. Awesome job Jershika! Of all the contestants this season, your performances were the ones I most looked forward to every week. No one this season delivered more consistently!
  4. If GNT wins the Universal Studios vacation for two, which one do they leave at home??
  5. 1 - GNT 2 - Wendy 3 - Jershika (surprising everyone once more) 4 - Hailey 5 - Paris
  6. This would be my order as well, based on tonight.
  7. A sign that one has aged well - learning to roll with the punches (or broken arms, in this case)
  8. Didn't think too hard about it... will stand by maybe 60% of these a day from now. Ha! Wendy - When You Believe (Whitney / Mariah, from The Prince of Egypt) Wendy - Believe (Cher) Jershika - You Say (Lauren Daigle) Jershika - Baby I Love You (Aretha) Paris - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (John Mayer) Paris - How Far is Heaven (Los Lonely Boys) GNT - Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver) GNT - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Crosby Stills Nash) Hailey - When You Say Nothing At All - (Alison Krauss) Hailey - Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)
  9. I’ll say what we sometimes say about artists on the show: saw enough potential that’d I’d like to see another performance (season). She’s got the care for her artists and fits in well enough with the other coaches. Whether I’d want her to do another season after that, would depend entirely on whether she takes the lessons learned from this season and becomes more competitive.
  10. Blake makes enough money doing this show; he doesn't mind what we think of his new single.
  11. Great job, Jeremy - you held your own against some excellent competition. Hope to see you on the Christian charts before long.
  12. Ranking while revisiting my Top 13 Power Ranking (in parentheses) Next Level 1. (1.) Girl Named Tom On the Cusp 2. (4.) Paris Winningham 3. (3.) Jershika Maple 4. (2.) Wendy Moten The Pack 5. (5.) Joshua Vacanti 6. (9.) Hailey Mia 7. (8.) Lana Scott 8. (12.) Jim and Sasha Eliminated (6.) Gymani (7.) Jeremy Rosado (10.) Holly Forbes (11.) Shadale (13.) Ryleigh Plank Predicting GNT, Wendy, Paris in Top 5... after that, I would personally take Joshua and Jershika, but have a feeling it'll be Hailey and who the hell knows at this point, J+S made the semis so what do I know really.
  13. Should win: Jershika Might win due to Ariana fans: Holly Great season, sir: Jeremy
  14. My list: 1. Jershika 2. Paris 3. Wendy 4. Joshua 5. GNT 6. Hailey 7. Lana 8. Jim and Sasha 9. Jeremy 10. Holly That said, I could see Jershika, Lana, Jim and Sasha, Jeremy, and Holly in the bottom 3. The other 5 I think will be safe.
  15. My final rankings (based on tonight alone) 1. Jershika 2. Paris 3. Wendy 4. Joshua 5. GNT 6. Hailey 7. Lana 8. Jim and Sasha 9. Jeremy 10. Holly
  16. Of course! I'm selectively pretending it doesn't exist haha... but you got my point!
  17. Rankings so far: 1) Jershika 2) Wendy 3) Joshua 4) Lana 5) Jim and Sasha 6) Jeremy 7) Holly
  18. Nicely done Jim and Sasha! Even if this ends up being their last week, that was a great note to go out on.
  19. Starts watching Maneskin... "looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue"
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