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  1. actually yes ahaha! I think I was checking this thread out the day I got my list of songs to choose from. Regardless though I would’ve still chosen β€œAnyone” because I really wanted to sing that on the show. Then when I saw all of y’all were on board with the idea, I just haddddd to put it down
  2. of course! I think doing a live show would be really cool. Maybe I’ll do an exclusive virtual show soon because of COVID rn. You guys down ?!
  3. 1.) I picked all of them (from the list of those cleared lol) except for my battle and playoffs songs 2.) Gihanna of courseee, Rachel, Rio, Zae, Emma, Andrew, and literally everybody else. We’re alllll so close!! 3.) my favorite is what would’ve been Into The Unknown (reallyyyyy wish y’all could’ve seen that. It was super crazy) 4.) I did check this thread out here and there but just wanted to come on here and say thank you for all of your support muahhhh
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