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  1. If Cam doesn't win next week against those generic and bland artists, something really is wrong.
  2. Gihanna should've raised the key a bit higher. I wanted her to do so well.
  3. That was way better than that Arcade performance. Give all the votes to Corey idc
  4. I still can't get over how that one high note from Corey in his group performance is way better than his whole solo performance lmao. I knew that song doesn't fit him the first time I saw what song they chose for him. I hope he sings a James Bay song or maybe some alternative rock song for the IS.
  5. Still giving the best performance of the night to Gihanna but Cam was close imo. Cam's studio was my favorite this week but Gihanna elevated her song to another level . Cam still winning this whole thing to.
  6. It sad how they didn't stand up to Gih's performance when it was the best of the night but stood up to Dana's performance when the song didn't suit her (she sounded good tho)
  7. Not the best song choice. Rachel really is getting the PV.
  8. She better snatch that PV from Kenzie but I really doubt it.
  9. That was easily better than Victor and Jordan's performances.
  10. They really setting up Corey to win the IS. As they should tbh.
  11. It's gonna be robbery of the decade if Corey loses this lmao
  12. Damn now I'm afraid Corey's not gonna go well against Ryleigh. That was a mistake for Kelly.
  13. I know no one is even eliminated yet but just based from the stats and people's reactions from yesterday I think this will be the top 5 artists that will enter the finale: 1. Cam 2. Kenzie 3. Ryleigh 4. Rachel 5. Corey (Instant save) I think Corey can beat all Blake's performers in votes except Cam ofcourse.
  14. Top 9 if the votes are solely based from FB and YT views lol: 1. Cam - 223k views 2. Kenzie - 178k views 3. Corey - 173k views 4. Ryleigh - 157k views 5. Gihanna - 120k views 6. Dana - 100k views 7. Zae - 99k views 8. Pete - 98k views 9. Anna Grace - 94k views 10. Rachel - 92k views
  15. If Corey will have another impactful performance like what he did in the knockouts, I think he can get the PV. I hope Kelly saves Gihanna or Zae then Kenzie for instant save lol
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