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  1. I sort of agree with that although he is kind of cute. But then, same with his idol John Legend. (And fortunately Cam's coach compensated for that with his larger than life personality.)
  2. Kelly singing a love song with Kenzie (with zero chemistry) is just .... no thanks. And actually, I get the same cringe feeling as when Blake sang Islands In The Stream with a young female contestant.
  3. Ariana may bring in a few more fans to the streaming services for the first couple of blind audition shows out of curiosity. But her fans are well beyond the television watching generation. It won't be sustained throughout the season. When reality strikes during battles that they will hardly see her, they will disappear.
  4. Brooke was scathing about NBC and The Voice last year. I am honestly a little surprised about this move.
  5. I actually disagree. Cam would not be splitting votes with Victor and Kenzie would be splitting votes with somebody else on Team Blake (just like with Lauren Duski)
  6. Victor would not be in the final. John would only have Cam in the final. And if Blake was not blocked, he would have Kenzie in the final. And Kelly could have had Gihanna....
  7. I said I was 70/30 on Kenzie winning a few days ago when looking at the numbers. Sadly, that is now 90/10. Cam is splitting votes with Jordan (Blake fans) and Victor (R&B fans).
  8. I’m closer to 70/30 at this point but then I was also 70/30 on Lauren Duski winning based on numbers (except this time I hope I’m wrong)
  9. Jordan may actually be the only artist this season that I would actually pay to go and watch in a live show.
  10. A pop artist on Team Legend beat 3 country artists on team Blake in Season 16 because the votes were split. (Which is the point I am trying to make) I know Maelyn was good but I think Cam is even better and should win. He would have had a better if he had the same circumstances as season 16.
  11. Kenzie will win. Cam will be 2nd (R&B fans will be vote splitting with Victor and Blake fans will be vote splitting with Jordan) Ironically, if we did not have the stupid block, we could have had: 1. Cam winning on Team Legend (no vote splitting) 2. Kenzie - Team Blake (vote splitting with other team Blake member) 3. Gihanna - Team Kelly (Deservedly!) 4. Rachel - Team Nick 5. Jordan - Team Blake
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