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  1. The disgusting insults yesterday were hurled at Blake rather than Wendy, today at Gymani rather than Kelly. At least these toxic fans had a β€œhillbilly redneck southern country singer” to insult before showing their racism today
  2. It’s not IDF’s β€œminivan” bringing Blake gifts on the show … Lana picked Blake because of her β€œdad”… There may be more to β€œMinivan” than IDFs stereotyped box
  3. Kenzie Wheeler’s IG story: having a show at Blake’s Ole Red. Blake supporting his team after the show… Oh wait
  4. Some of the contestants who had minimal or no intro early on, gets bigger intro packages later. I am expecting quite an intro in the semis or finals for this group. They are very good and must be in Kelly’s top 2.
  5. Yes. I am shocked that the viewership has actually fallen quite a bit from the last fall season when there was no new coach almost no promo. They are pushing viewers away in droves rather than gaining any. If they want a revival, they probably need Adam back for a seaon or two
  6. Did they talk about her singing with Vince Gill and The Time Jumpers during the audition?
  7. She also posted only Wendy (not on her team) on her IG story. And you could see she was genuinely in awe of Wendy. But Ari is a sweetheart and she knows it would also calm the large toxic cohort of her fans from attacking Wendy - especially if her team has seen some of the disgusting posts from her fans aimed at Blake.
  8. Wow. Wendy!! Unbelievable. And as a seasoned diva - she picked the most seasoned coach. Well played Wendy!
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