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  1. Also interesting that knowing that one of themes is Contestant Single for top 5 they are essentially choosing to do originals two weeks in a row.
  2. The River is on Spotify and its really quite good but I feel like doing original songs doesn't always go over well with the voting population.
  3. I am hoping that it will be Arthur and Chayce. However I think it will be Hunter and Caleb/Chayce.
  4. I think she would sound so good on something like this. Its the quick talking kind of rapping part that worries me I have always thought she should sing "My Name is Human" by Highly Suspect but the beginning has a similar "rap" part but regardless Id love to see it. It sucks that this season is so short we don't get to see as much from her
  5. 1. Casey 2. Grace 3. Hunter 4. Caleb 5. Willie 6. Chayce 7. Arthur LOVE all of the top 5 tbh. Chayce is good just bores me to death and Arthur is well Arthur.
  6. Hunter: Definitely The Scientist Grace: Yellow Casey: In my place Arthur: Warning sign Chayce: Clocks Willie: sky full of stars (idk tbh) Caleb: Speed of Sound
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