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  1. Wow! It had like a country twang to it at the end chills!!!
  2. I didn’t like that “baaad” run in studio and less in live but loving the rest and the fit!
  3. Can someone give me a standing 0 rundown? I didn’t see Victor but is this first all four coaches??
  4. I dunno about this it’s giving me Zania dangerous woman vibes ...
  5. Loving Jordan on guitar but the vocals on this are .... I dunno something is off
  6. Aj okay k didn’t watch it live damn they gave Kenzie the pimp spot? Whyyyyyyy? Maybe he will need it tho I’m getting feeling he may not do as good as we all think excited to see these last three performances tho! Been waiting allllllll day for these!!
  7. Next week is the IS song that’s when they gotta bring it hope Gihanna saved us a lil something!
  8. Damn I dunno I loved it May have been pitchy but he went for it that entire performance I always feel it I was like speechless the entire time!
  9. She started shaky but that ending she brought it!! It’s gonna be tough choice want to see Dana’s but I think she locked it!
  10. Mary might have gotten the PV this may fall short eek but standing 0s
  11. This is perfect to compare them I think Corey just brings a fire and Can solid as always but look at Kenzie keeping up! I needed this from Kenzie!
  12. It didn’t wow me as much but it was solid he was never gonna get PV so it’s a freebie and may have won over some Minivan for IS tommorow ?
  13. He needed to stand up ong he just did! Haha Im loving it get it Jordan! Glitchy and all!
  14. I missed Victor trying to get it work!! How was it? I’m on it now!
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