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  1. Statistics for going third in Bloodbath Week: S9- Jefferey Austin (Middle 3) S10- Laith Al-Saaidi (Middle 3) S11- Brendan Fletcher (Instant Elimination) S12- Brennley Brown (Middle 3) S13- Red Marlow (Middle 3) S14- Rayshun Lamarr (Instant Elimination) S15- Kymberli Joye (Instant Elimination) S16- Kim Cherry (Instant Elimination) S17- Marybeth Byrd (Instant Elimination) Based on the trends, TPTB is definitely setting Lana up to be the FIRST EVER SPOT #3 in BLOODBATH WEEK TO GET A PV!!!!!!! With Lana as the obvious favorite, they had to clear the way for everyone else by giving Lana a terrible spot #humble #makinghistory
  2. Paris is the winner of this battle for me. One of Wendy's weakest vocal performances while it was one of my favorites from Paris.
  3. Wendy and Paris are giving a Jim and Sasha level performance, especially following Jershika.
  4. OK so Lana didn't get the pimp spot, but after her duet with GNT she's a lock for the finals
  5. Some other bloodbath week spot 2 artists. Not looking great for Jershika. Instant Elimination (55%) -Shelby Brown (S9) -Paxton Ingram (S10) -TSoul (S12) -Davon Fleming (S13) -Jackie Foster (S14) Middle (33%) -Ali Caldwell (S11) -Makenzie Thomas (S15) -Kat Hammock (S17) PV (11%) -Gyth Rigdon (S16)
  6. WHY IS JERSHIKA THE ONE MOST AT RISK OF ELIMINATION WHEN SHE SOUNDS LIKE THIS???????????????? She ATE Jim, Sasha, and everyone else in the Top 8 for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.
  7. For reference, other openers of bloodbath week have included: Barrett Baber (PV), Shalyah Fearing (Instant Elimination), Christian Cuevas (Middle), Adam Cunningham (Middle), Hunter Plake (Middle), Brynn Cartelli (PV), Sarah Grace (Instant Elimination), Andrew Sevener (Middle), and Katie Kadan (PV).
  8. This is so fun! They better not steal a spot from anyone that's better from them, but at least they hopefully get to go out with their best performance.
  9. Ohhhhh they're signing this song. Boring, but I'm glad they picked something safe.
  10. So ready for Lana!! Rooting for Jershika, Joshua, GNT, and Hailey too!
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