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  1. Not the Morgan Frazier erasure
  2. Enid and Valerie's battle was so amazing. I'm so glad that was the one season NBC randomly decided to give us the full version of montages, like that battle and others like Josh vs. Nala and Micah vs. Andrea as well. Still, I wish we could've heard the judges' comments to see how everyone reacted to a last-minute one-chair turn beating out a 4 chair turn.
  3. Cowboy Take Me Away- Destinee Quinn Beautiful Crazy- Andrew Jannakos Merry Go Round- Allison Bray (I liked EllieMae's version too!) Drunk Me- Gyth Rigdon vs. Rod Stokes I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart- Gracia Harrison Better Man- Brennley Brown vs. Lauren Duski Closer to Fine- The Bundys
  4. This might be a long shot, but does anyone have or remember any spoilers from older seasons (anything pre-S18) of the orders of auditions, battles, or knockouts? I'm specifically wondering about which battles/KOs were near the end of taping when no steals were left or if any auditions occurred late in production to see if my faves were robbed or just victims of an unlucky timeslot (ex. Did nobody steal Lyndsey Elm, Brooke Stephenson, etc. because the coaches didn't have ears, or were there simply no steals left?). Although I specifically asked about old spoilers about the orders of auditions/battles/knockouts, feel free to contribute any other behind the scenes fun facts/tidbits from the spoilers of older seasons too!
  5. Royce Lovett- "Wake Me Up" Angie Keilhauer- "Take Your Time" Casi Joy- "Parachute"
  6. You thought Rio was about even with Victor and better than Jordan?? I'll pretend I didn't see that though since you gave Rachel a ten
  7. Keisha Renee, as previously mentioned by others, killed every performance she had. I'm still mad she and Noah didn't make the finals. I also think that MaKenzie Thomas had a perfect run, unless you want to include her failed Redbone audition from Season 14.
  8. I know it doesn't happen TOO often, but who are some contestants who clearly weren't meant to make it far that had surprisingly long runs? Chloe Hogan is the most obvious one after she got paired against Gwen's literal favorite, Lain, and then against "her baby" Carter. Gwen clearly tried getting rid of her any chance she got, but she still made it to the lives. Are there any other examples that anyone can think of?
  9. I thought this was one of those joke scenarios at first after the sweaty crowdsurfing and "Imagine her singing Purple Rain" comments.... Anyways, I think people are wrong in saying that Raine is incorrect in assuming why she was montaged; she's probably at least partially correct that she was montaged due to the argument. - Out of 12 KOs, 4 had steals which prevented them from getting the montage ofc. (8/12) - Apart from Jordyn Simone being a rare exception, battle steals are also pretty consistently not montaged, so that eliminated Victor vs. Gene, Dana vs. Keegan, and Kenzie vs. Avery. (5/12) - I also don't think they would montage a blocked contestant getting eliminated, so that rules out Pia vs. Ciana. (4/12) - With Zania giving the breakout performance she gave, it was also unlikely she would get montaged. (3/12) - The only real KOs that were eligible for a montage would've been Jordan vs. Ethan, Cam vs. Connor, and Raine vs. Jose. Performances that occur later in production are less likely to get aired, as it's a bit awkward to edit them, so that rules out Jordan vs. Ethan, who performed pretty early on. (2/12) The only people really possible of getting the montage were Connor vs. Cam and Raine vs. Jose. In a regular season, I actually think they would've montaged Connor vs. Cam, because they usually montage the people that flopped in the KOs (Anaya Cheyenne, Van Andrews, Chris Crump, etc.), but I think the Kelly vs. Blake fight probably lead to Raine's KO getting montaged instead. Keep in mind that for KO montages, they have never aired even a snip-it of the loser's performance, but they actually showed us a clip of Raine's, showing that the producers probably thought Raine's performance was actually pretty good and not a flop. I don't think it would've been too hard to edit out the argument they had, especially Kelly's claim that she wished she didn't steal Zae and stole Raine instead, but overall, I think the Blake/Kelly argument probably tipped the scale towards Raine and Jose getting montaged, at least over Cam vs. Connor.
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