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  1. Starting with S3, because I have no recollection of the first 2 seasons I tried to pick less popular ones when applicable so anyone reading could maybe discover a new favorite S3: Nathalie Hernandez vs. Aquile (You Give Me Something) - Beautiful battle, Nathalie's tone was so gorgeous, but Aquile was definitely the clear winner. HM: Cody Belew vs. DOMO (Telephone) - Purely because of how iconic it was... S4: Danielle Bradery vs. Caroline Glaser (Put Your Records On) HM: Jess Kellner vs. Taylor Beckham (You Know I'm No Good) - This battle gave Loren Allred a run for her money, and clearly beat out Anna Grace and Ainae's battle. S5: Amber Nicole vs. Timyra Joi (Listen) HM: Brandon Chase vs. Emily Randolph (Tiny Dancer) - Country-fied Tiny Dancer sounds like it would be terrible, but this sounded really good in the montage! S6: None? Despite having two rounds of battles, none of them were that good...? Sisaundra's battles were both good and I liked Jake Worthington vs. Lexi Luca, but neither are really favorites of mine. S7: Blessing Offer vs. Katriz Trinadad (Do I Do) - SO SO GOOD, amazing Stevie Wonder battle. Katriz was amazing despite her age and deserved to go so much farther. HM: Troy Richie vs. Menlik Zergabachew (Maneater) S8: ANTHONY RILEY vs. Travis Ewing (Get Ready) - Totally electric performance. Rest in peace, Anthony. HM: Sawyer Fredericks vs. Noelle Bybee (Have You Ever Seen the Rain) - Noelle deserved a steal and her audition sounded great in the studio too! Sawyer was the clear winner though. S9: Viktor Kiraly vs. Cassandra Robertson (Nobody Knows) - Unpopular opinion, but I think these 2 were the two best from S9. Cassandra was SO robbed... HM: Keith Semple vs. Manny Cabo (Baba O'Riley) - Manny blew Keith out of the water and then got the boot /: HM2: Chris Crump vs. Krista Hughes (When I Get Where I'm Going) - Krista lowkey flopped, but Chris sounded really good. S10: Paxton Ingram vs. Brittney Lawrence (I Know What You Did Last Summer) HM: Joe Maye vs. Ayanna Jahnee (I Knew You Were Waiting) - PLEASE listen to the studio since it was montaged. Amazing song and and amazing battle! It sucked seeing Ayanna go so soon though. S11: Gabriel Violett vs. Whitney & Shannon (More Than Words) HM: None? The battles kinda sucked this season. The pairings were really awkward and the song choices were iffy... S12: Jack Cassidy vs. Hunter Plake (Dancing On My Own) - I have no words for this one. You can't not get chills. HM: Anatalia Villaranda vs. Missy Robertson (Tightrope) - This battle was AMAZING. Missy lowkey sounded better than Anatalia even though she was the clear underdog. S13: Janice Freeman vs. Katrina Rose (W.O.M.A.N) - Team Miley (and a bit of Team Blake) carried the battles this season. HM: Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac (I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry) - Another weird pairing on paper that worked SO well! S14: Stephanie Skipper vs. Jackie Verna (These Dreams) - So many wasted steals this season... Stephanie easily deserved Dallas Caroline's steal or Miya Bass's. HM: Christiana Danielle vs. Shana Halligan (Use Somebody) S15: Tyshawn Colquitt vs. Zaxai (Love Lies) HM: Patrique Fortson vs. Colton Smith (God Gave Me You) - They both totally brought it, despite Patrique being the favorite. Such a perfect pairing. S16: Maelyn Jarmon vs. Savannah Brister (When We Were Young) - Maelyn steamrolled everyone in her path that season, yet Savannah totally held her own! HM: Jacob Maxwell vs. Talon Cardon (Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic) - Apart from the voice crack, Talon lowkey won in my eyes. S17: Preston C Howell vs. Mendeleyev (Fire and Rain) - They both killed it, but I preferred Preston. HM: Zach Bridges vs. Cory Jackson (Should've Been a Cowboy) S18: Zan Fiskum vs. Brittney Allen (Closer to Fine) HM: None. /: I didn't really like the battles this season. S19: RIO SOUMA VS. CASME (You're All I Need To Get By) - Love this one so much! Such a pure and iconic battle. I still have no idea why it was schedule so late in production when no steals were left. HM: John Holiday vs. Julia Cooper (Summer Soft) - A weird song choice, but John and Julia were both individually so good that they were bound to kill anything thrown their way. S20: NONE The battles were so bad this season.... I enjoyed Rio vs. Carolina, Cam vs. Emma, Zania vs. Durrell, and Ryleigh vs. Gene, but none of the battles really wowed me this year.
  2. Why does JD Caspar's audition have more views than Dana, Halley, Lindsay, Jose, and Denisha???? Zania and Emma Caroline are also criminally low for their auditions.
  3. 1. Rachel Mac (personal favorite) 2. Cam Anthony (best) 3. Victor Solomon 4. Jordan Matthew Young This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think those 4 have all proved that they are capable of being finalists, even if there may have been more deserving artists. Kenzie on the other hand is leagues below everyone else IMO. I liked his audition and KO, but I thought every other performance from him has been so meh? I don't get the hype at all.
  4. Jon Mero, Hunter Plake, Noah Mac, Zach Seabaugh, Deandre Nico HMs: Matt McAndrew, Evan Mckeel, Gyth Rigdon, Ricky Braddy, Zaxai, OneUp, CamWess, Samuel Wilco, Joe Maye, Jake Hoot
  5. I never loved her on the show either. Her performance of Wake Up Call was clowned on massively at the time and labeled as the worst Voice performance besides anything by Erin Martin.
  6. Without a doubt Shelby Brown’s Go Rest High On That Mountain
  7. I still think Season 9 was one of the most, if not the most, stacked seasons in Voice history, maybe just behind S12 and S13. Even the double montaged people like Daria Jazmin, Hanna Ashbrook (I still think she would've been an IDF unicorn had she not been montaged), and Noah Jackson were great. The fact that NEITHER Cassandra Robertson or Krista Hughes got steals in the battles makes me so mad. Other robberies IMO included Manny Cabo not beating Keith Semple, Morgan Frazier not going any farther, Andi and Alex going too soon, Cole Criske getting thrown away in the battles, and of course Lyndsey Elm getting beat by Braiden. The icing on top of the cake was Nadjah Nicole and Chance Pena getting the comeback saves when they were both fodder and literally anyone else would've been better.
  8. Kyla Jade easily. That was her best performance and one of Dana's slightly less amazing performances. Kelly would probably pick Kenzie Wheeler over Jake Hoot, but I liked Jake's KO more. Cam Anthony probably has the slight edge. Superstition and Feeling Good are both super overdone songs on singing shows, but Cam was a bit more inventive. Both were amazing though. Brynn Cartelli. I'm biased because I hate If I Die Young, but Brynn's KO was her clear breakout moment and one of the best performances in the show's history. Neither Gihanna or Kennedy had amazing KOs IMO. I think Kennedy Holmes would probably win, but I still think Anthony Arya should've beat her based on their performances that round. Chevel Shepherd would probably slightly beat out Rachel. Rachel did amazing, but Chevel's performance connected a lot more emotionally.
  9. I don't normally join fan threads, but please add me to hers! I'm Team Dana and Team Rachel all the way this season!
  10. Sydney was so robbed. I'm still mad she lost her battle AND got montaged. I didn't hate her and Madi's studio of Riptide, but I think a slower and more emotional song would've fit them so much better.
  11. Apart from Nick Hagelin, Jamal Corrie, Alex Kandel, and Sam Behymer, who else was pretty widely disliked on the Voice?
  12. LMFAO NOT SAM I think she was the absolute peak of the indie girl cursive "we have bäñânæs and ävåćadöęš" voice trend taken to its max. Her audition has the same energy as Halsey singing in the mall that one time.
  13. Her studio was amazing! It was absolutely the live that was terrible lol.
  14. After relistening to Nick Hagelin's audition for a 10th time, I have officially decided that I actually like it a lot and will not tolerate any slander of that performance in particular (any other performance of his is fair game). I'm so sorry guys
  15. Why does Carter have more votes than India? I have literally no recollection of India's performance, but there was no way it was worse than Carter's
  16. I actually liked Nick's audition a bit It was really "unique voice battle fodder" tier, a la someone like Jamal Corrie or Mark Atlas. The fact that he got multiple turns though and made it through multiple rounds of the lives.... His voice is so strange and awkward that I uh don't think it's meant for music. There's maybe a single song his voice would've sounded not terrible on and it just happened to be Electric Feel, which he got in his battle. His entire run on the show still amazes me. Anyways, on the topic of people who shouldn't have gotten chair turns, anyone remember Alex Kandel from Season 9, where Gwen and Adam idiotically turned after 0.5 seconds before realizing that she was terrible? I remember Gwen very clearly looking happy after realizing Adam also turned and Adam very clearly breathing a sigh of relief after Alex didn't pick him. They both gave her tons of criticism and Adam didn't even give a single reason for her to pick him, only for her to get montaged and eliminated in the battles.
  17. Yeah after seeing what happened to Julia Cooper last season on the Voice, I knew Casey was getting the boot.
  18. If Rachel flops and gives a performance on par with her audition and Dana kills a power ballad and has the pimp spot, then Dana will get it. If Rachel doesn't flop, she'll probably get it, since she has a bigger fanbase.
  19. Rachel is amazing and killed it and is easily my second favorite in the competition (her performance of Rainbow was SO GOOD), but everyone on Team Nick knew that PV spot belonged to Queen Dana
  20. Not necessarily robbed, but I’ll never forgive Zania getting bussed. There were zero reasons for that woman to be singing Ariana Grand.
  21. AMAZING: 1. Dana Monique: She won the night BY FAR. Amazing song choice, amazing energy, amazing everything. Dana has had plenty of amazing performances, and this was somehow better than all of them. 10/10 2. Rachel Mac: I hate ranking Team Nick members so high, but Rachel also killed it. Gracee was definitely shaking after that performance. I love her redemption arc and will be voting for her throughout this whole thing! 9/10 3. Cam Anthony: He hasn't had a single bad performance. I personally liked his battle and KO a little more, but just by a smidge. 8/10 GREAT: 4. Pia Renee: Her performance got a lot of hate here for some reason, but I personally don't agree? I think she had a lot of beautiful moments and I personally preferred this to her KO. She was definitely deserving of the praise she got from the coaches. 8/10 5. Victor Solomon: Another one that IDF hated, but I personally loved. It's true that he got bandzilla'd, but I personally don't want to fault him for that since he still sounded great to me despite that. 8/10 6. Ryleigh Modig: Overall really solid. Perfect song choice great execution, no complaints at all. 8/10 7. Jordan Matthew Young: I LOVED the second half of this performance. I'm only putting him a bit low because I didn't really like the beginning. It was definitely one of his best performances though! 7.5/10 8. Anna Grace: I didn't love her battle or KO, so I was really happy for her to do so amazing this time around. I'm just a little bit bored of all the pop songs from her and I really want her to do something a little more folk-sy because she would kill it. 7.5/10 GOOD: 9. Corey Ward: This was a pretty par for the course performance for him. It wasn't a breakout moment by any means, but he didn't flop, which is what matters most at this point in the show. 7/10 10. Gihanna Zoe: Another solid performance. I was so happy when I heard the song choice, and although she didn't quite live up to what I was hoping for, it definitely wasn't a flop. 6.5/10 11. Joe Figueroa Jr.: He had his fair share of pitchy moments, but his beautiful moments overpowered the bad ones in my mind. I think he looked at the bus, spread out his arms, and charged into it head on. He definitely made a nice thud before going home, but definitely got bussed. Still the best one out of Team Nick's mediocre trio though. 6.5/10 MEH: 12. Kenzie Wheeler: This was easily my least favorite from him. I thought he had a lot of weak moments in the first half and the second half was a lot better, but I still don't think he's deserving of being a frontrunner by any means. 6/10 13. Devan Blake Jones: He was pretty smart in picking a pretty safe song and not swinging too hard like he did in his KO, but somehow he still dropped the ball? It wasn't a total flop IMO, but it definitely wasn't great either. 5.5/10 BAD: 14. Pete Mroz: I thought this performance was really boring, especially after some of the other ones we had that night. He's easily the weakest one on Team Blake in my eyes. 5/10 15. Andrew Marshall: Poor Andrew literally got Jaclyn'ed, especially after following Dana. 4/10 16. Zae Romeo: His KO was my favorite performance of the season, but this was so bad.... Total flop. 3/10 17. Zania Alake: I loved Zania so much pre-lives and she was probably one of my top 5 going into this, but she definitely got bussed... This just wasn't it. 1/10
  22. I'm so mad that she got so much hate for that. Sa'Rayah absolutely killed her KO. I ADORED the arrangement, especially with the early on key change. I'll forever associate Halloween with her slayage and with that crazy KO night as a whole. Michael definitely did great in his KO too, and his improvement was super impressive, but I definitely get why Alicia chose Sa'Rayah over him.
  23. Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, whether you're a member of the AAPI community or not!! If anyone has a favorite AAPI Voice alum, let's give them some recognition here!! (BONUS POINTS IF THEY NEVER GOT MONTAGED!)
  24. This doesn't surprise me unfortunately, especially given how messy her YT cover was (if that was her best take than I can't imagine what it was like in person...). Honestly though, no matter what she did, she probably had no chance against a powerhouse like Mandi, so I guess she probably did the right thing in the situation.
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