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  1. I liked Paris a bit more, really beautiful battle but felt a bit short?
  2. Sophia posted a short voice memo of her battle and she sounded super soulful and good! Hope we get to hear more of what we missed in that battle.
  3. Sad about the fact that Carolina and Parker won’t be in the KOs. So scared for more of my favorites to inevitably get sent packing
  4. Yeah the odds of one of them getting a triple montage seems really high, although I theoretically don’t know if one of them will pull a Belle Jewel and make it to the lives.
  5. I feel like there’s so much fodder going into the KOs, poor Berritt is going to be eaten by Carson (probably)
  6. Berritt on those high notes on Kaitlyn on all the notes just did not do it for me
  7. I genuinely don’t feel like anyone on Team Kelly deserved to go home in the battles this season. Ofc queen Carolina didn’t deserve to get eliminated bc she was the best this season, but also Aaron, Wyatt, and the loser of this battle all really really deserved steals.
  8. One of the best battles this season, probably my favorite of the week. Awesome job to Parker and TCS for both stepping up so much from their audition!
  9. Parker sounds amazing. I didn't like her blind, but she's really impressing me so far.
  10. This battle is really boring so far, I vote for KCK3 just because I like their look more.
  11. She sounds good in a lot of her covers and her tone sounded pretty in Signed Sealed Delivered (I’m Yours). She deserved the chance to redeem herself so it’s too bad she got montaged, wish she would’ve come maybe in a few years when she was older.
  12. Oooh yeah, IDK how I forgot Amber/Timyra. I had Timyra as a total favorite to win that season, so her getting sent packing by a montaged 1-chair contestant was probably one of the biggest surprises I've had watching this show.
  13. My uncle is actually Kelly Clarkson and he passed along/leaked to me the info that Kelly's original song choices for BNT/Kinsey and Holly/Wyatt were actually Super Bass and Ice Ice Baby respectively, but unfortunately neither song got cleared
  14. With Sabrina winning her battle, does anyone remember the last time someone with a montaged audition won their battle in a NON-MONTAGED performance? The only other example I can think of is Eric Lyn from S13. IK a lot of people with montaged auditions win their battles in another montage like Xavier, Katherine Ho, Andrea Thomas, etc. but the occurances like Eric and Sabrina seem super rare and really throw me for a loop.
  15. why are we attacking the person that voted for bubba when someone voted for jared ???
  16. 1. Sabrina vs Jack (Jack deserved a steal!) 2. Manny vs Wendy 3. Holly vs Wyatt 4. Carson vs Clint 5. Gymani vs Aaron 6. Raquel vs Hailey 7. Jim and Sasha vs Sophia 8. Joshua vs Keilah
  17. So fair, but I would’ve at least kept Tommy over them, and if Blake cared to keep Manny, he could’ve sacrificed one of them to him too (although Manny was never going to last on Team Blake).
  18. Everything from Makenzie Thomas and Xavier and Carolina’s battle
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