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  1. Lana being tied for second (Honestly, my top 3 are the top 3 here in votes, so I'm happy either way) 1. Lana 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Hailey Mia 4. Jershika Maple 5. Holly Forbes 6. Joshua Vacanti 7. Wendy Moten 8. Paris Winningham 9. Jim and Sasha 10. Jeremy Rosado
  2. Unless Minivan forgets that Sasha is trans (which to be fair, they honestly very realistically might), I don't see a world in which they don't go home. Jeremy, Lana, or anyone else that could end up in the Bottom 3 are all more consistent than Jim and Sasha and much less likely to falter under pressure, so I don't see Jim and Sasha getting saved due to having the best performance and with a lack of Minivan and Arianator support, I don't see them getting through based on their fanbase.
  3. Are Gymani and Jershika that similar? I can see the Wendy and Jershika comparisons, but Gymani's voice is really different IMO.
  4. Praying for a mega bus like Old Town Road so that he and Jim and Sasha get sent packing instead of Lana
  5. Ugh noooo not Jeremy. I have to go now, but I'm glad Lana is safe. Hope Wendy is OK and Gymani eats Jim and Sasha.
  6. I hope Gymani obliterates either Jim and Sasha or Jeremy and sends them packing
  7. Yeah definitely autotuned and not live. Jim and Sasha would never sound that good live...
  8. I'm only going to be a round for the first half, so please please please let Lana get saved early on...
  9. Love how controversial everyone's opinions on Lana are. It seems like everyone has her in their top 5 or at the very bottom lol.
  10. Moushumi was montaged in the battles, so does anyone remember the most recent Indian contestant who wasn’t montaged (or even the most recent Indian contestant in general??). I know we had Mathai in Season 3 and Juhi in Season 5, but that was ages ago. Also, has there ever been an Indian guy on the show?
  11. Yes. Cilla Chan, Daria Jazmin, Megan Lee, and Katherine Ho had ALL their performances montaged, despite Jazmin getting 3 chairs in her audition and Katherine making it to the KOs. Lots of other Asian contestants have been in montages/shortclips too like Clara Hong, Nathan Hermida, Joe Tolo, Christian Fermin, RADHA, Jacob Daniel Murphy, and Sophia Bromberg, plus a lot of others I'm sure I forgot. Proportionally, it seems like most of the Asians on this show get at least one montage.
  12. Yikes at these shameless bus attempts. You should be ashamed TPTB, especially for trying to make Noah sing 1D...
  13. Someone tell me why Myracle getting Finesse and Hello Sunday getting I am Changing wouldn't even remotely surprise me.
  14. Unpopular opinion, but did anyone else prefer social media correspondant Christina Milian's cover of Miss Independent to Bailey Rae's? Covering Kelly (or honestly maybe Ne-Yo, who knows?) is such a huge task, but Christina DELIVERED. As a side note, I really love how Sam Behymer returned for Season 9; I really miss the fun and interesting twists of the earlier seasons.
  15. Shadale KILLED it in every round, despite getting thrown terrible song choices by TPTB. She was one of the most unique and versatile artists that we've had on the show and unlike most of the others in the T13, I don't think she had ANY haters or anyone wishing on her downfall (besides TPTB I guess). She will definitely be missed, but I'm sure her daugher and family are so proud of her.
  16. Her voice sounds so good and her relationship is so beautiful
  17. WOW! Lana is killing it and making waves. She's going to be so successful even after the show.
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