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  1. LMAO As a Makenzie mega fan and a non-fan of Carolina this felt like a personal attack I see Carolina's appeal, but I just didn't find myself enjoying her audition or KO. Her battle was amazing though and easily my favorite battle this season.
  2. I think this poll should include the 15 most iconic KOs so far... To determine the 15 options, I chose the KOs that appeared to be generally the most popular on this forum as well as some of the ones with the highest view counts on YouTube. I think I included the most iconic KOs on this poll, but if I missed your favorite, just comment it below! Some that I wanted to include were Shalyah Fearing (With a Broken Wing), Zae Romeo (Electric Love), Vanessa Ferguson (If I Were Your Woman), Morgan Frazier (Even If It Breaks Your Heart), Sharane Callister (All I Could Do Was Cry), Davon Fleming (I Can Only Imagine), and Noah Mac (Hold Back the River), but I didn't think any of those would get enough votes. I also didn't include India Carney's KO (Big White Room) purely because I think Rose's cover is more popular and would receive more votes even though I think India was superior...
  3. Jacob Maxwell and Talon Cardon's battle is strangely hard to find considering it's relatively recent. Also hoping to find an upload of Natasia Greycloud's KO (Tennessee Whiskey), Emily Luther's KO (Glitter in the Air), and Hunter Plake vs. Jack Cassidy (Dancing On My Own).
  4. Voted for Julia, but I liked Ryleigh and Zan too.
  5. Most of S17's audition episodes were really good, but my particular favorite was Night 6 of the auditions, featuring Myracle, Ricky Braddy, Damali, Steve Knill, Destiny Rayne, and Khalea Lynee. Not a single flop in that group (at least in terms of their auditions...) S15's KO's were amazing. Night 1 of the KOs had Makenzie, Zaxai, Natasia, Kymberli, RADHA, Funsho, and Reagan's excellent performances, while Night 3 had Chevel and Deandre's breakout moments. Night 1 of S16's battles was AMAZING. Matthew Johnson vs. Shawn Sounds, Mikaela Astel vs. the Bundys, Gyth vs. Rod, Maelyn vs. Savannah Brister, and Jej vs. Beth were all some of the best performances we've ever had. Lastly, the iconic Halloween KO episode of S11. The performances weren't anything too special (besides Sa'Rayah and Michael), but it being on Halloween made it a really memorable night.
  6. If there were any battles of "Mercy" I forgot then oops, but these 2 were the ones that very clearly stood out to me.
  7. I've been listening to these two back to back all week, so this one is so hard. Amy deserves to be in there too, since she was also great.
  8. Actually disregard this, my vote goes to queen Shi'Ann. Every song sounds better when the entire thing is just a single 2 minute long uncontrolled run She stomped on and totally deserved to beat Janice and Jon in the lives!!!
  9. Also totally random note, but I just saw that the "infamous" Jeremiah Miller from S13 made an IG post a while ago describing how his mom illegally recorded his KO rehearsal and pretended to delete it, but he kept it as proof that the good parts of his KO got cut out? He also mentioned how he very clearly didn't want to sing "Sorry", but the producers forced him into picking it, and he wanted to clap back at the coaches when they told him it was a bad song choice, but he didn't want to risk his chances of missing out on the Coach's Comeback He would've been steamrolled by Noah no matter what song he chose, but he did sound slightly better in the clip he posted and it shows how real bussing is.
  10. IMO both Chevel and Kennedy made it farther than they should have. It's insane that the top 4 was Chevel, Kirk, Chris, and Kennedy in a season with Kymberli Joye, Natasia, Zaxai, RADHA, Abby Cates (even though she got bussed she still deserved better), and MAKENZIE THOMAS.
  11. Idol has better lives and more interesting drama, The Voice has better performances and better judges.
  12. Payton Lamar sounded amazing in her audition and Courtney had a great KO. Kat and Hello Sunday had their moments as well, but the rest of them....
  13. Real talk though, Zach was easily the best on this list. He sounded great in his battle and the clip of his KO, and he had a fair share of decent live performances as well. I don't recall any of his performances being terrible or violently offensive or anything.
  14. I loved all of Keisha Renee's performances, but I personally preferred her live performances (with the exception of It Matters to Me). Midnight Train to Georgia, All By Myself, and Love Can Build a Bridge were all better than her blind, battle, and KO imo. (Just realized the playoffs weren't live that season, so Love Can Build a Bridge technically doesn't count but idc )
  15. Y'all are really picking Kennedy over Davon????????? No disrespect to Kennedy because she was great, but Davon was in his own league...
  16. Wow, that's amazing, I can die peacefully now Wouldn't it be crazy if they also posted Luna Searles' (robbed queen) "Nutbush City Limits" performance, Adam Cunningham and Natalie Stovall's battle of "Boondocks", or Brittnee Camille and Melissa Jimenez's battle of "Give It To Me Right" hahaha....
  17. Easily Sisaundra and Keisha, with Mary Sarah close behind.
  18. Random note, but I didn't include any of the S15 shortclips, but it's not like anyone would've chosen Claire Dejean's beautiful and stunning performance of "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" over Mandi or Myracle's performances...
  19. Random thought, but I think S11 would've been a million times more interesting had everyone that got eliminated in the playoffs made it instead of those that actually did (with the exception of queen Sa'Rayah ofc). I would've loved a top 9 of Dana Harper Jason Warrior Sophia Urista Belle Jewel Simone Gundy Riley Elmore Kylie Rothfield Josh Halverson +Sa'Rayah And then maybe bring back Michael Sanchez, Halle Tomlinson, and Whitney and Shannon and it would've been the perfect Top 12.
  20. I think peach cobbler and combination peach cobbler cinnamon rolls
  21. Koryn Hawthorne apparently owns a peach cobbler store now...
  22. Here's some more: Tonya Boyd-Cannon vs. James McNeice (PYT) - Such a fun battle! Tonya killed it and James had nice moments too. Jon Mero (Blame It On The Boogie) - I will NEVER forgive the producers for montaging this performance, but thankfully they showed us a good portion of it. Shelby Brown (Go Rest High On That Mountain) - Her live performance was a bit of a flop since she got off with the band, but she sounded SO good in the studio. All of Shelby's pre-live performances are also super underrated. I remember "Stars" being my favorite audition that season for a long time, and I still think her audition was as overwhelmingly good as someone like Jordan or Alisan's. I think if Jordan hadn't been on that season, Shelby would've been pimped and won. Preston Pohl vs. Barry Black (I Wish It Would Rain) - Another amazing battle. The coaches made it seem like Preston was the clear winner, but I thought they both did great. Mary Sarah (You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man) - Mary Sarah's audition was one of my favorite performances of all time, but I don't think it's forgotten, so it wouldn't really fit in this thread. Her KO however is super underrated. Dana Harper (You Give Me Something) - I feel like Dana could've done so much more on the Voice had she picked more powerful songs, but this is probably the closest we'll get to that. Her battle was probably really passionate, considering it ended with her and Tarra holding hands in the air, teen dystopian movie-esque, but ofc it got montaged so we never got to see her truly shine... Sharane Callister (All I Could Do Was Cry) - The fact that there isn't a single reupload of the live version of this on YouTube is a CRIME. I'm not sure this performance itself is necessarily forgotten, but the fact that it's so hard to find online is why I'm posting it here lol.
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