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  1. Out of these choices, easily Maelyn vs. Savannah IMO
  2. We all know that the live audience has some... questionable taste leading to a lot of favorites getting sent home way too early, but what are some cases of the coaches robbing artists before the lives? What came to my mind was Caroline Glaser beating Amy Whitcomb in the KOs in Season 4. I'm a massive fan of Caroline and she was my favorite that season, but her KO was so sub-par, while Amy really delivered in the second half of her performance.
  3. Lauren and Paige were great, but Casme and Rio were the best.
  4. Madeline, Jim, and Bailey did great, and WTW and Tanner were both surprisingly okay. I have no recollection of Ben or Ian's performances, but Taryn's KO was terrible and doesn't deserve any votes.
  5. Keisha was consistently amazing, but Beth had some really memorable performances in her short time on the show, so I gave her a vote. Vanessa and Khalea were also great.
  6. I personally think Sonic, India, Caitlin, and Nathan are all tied for having the best KOs that season, with Koryn, Kimberly, and Lexi falling closely behind. I actually didn't enjoy Sawyer or especially Meghan's KOs at all, but I figured it would've been awkward not to include the first and second placers that season.
  7. Like this message if you think Rob Taylor or Joshua Davis had the best KO.
  8. LMAO accidentally published before finishing the poll, but India Carney and Lexi Davila were supposed to be options /: Uh like this message if you want to vote for any of them??
  9. This season was a long time ago, but it definitely had some of the best KOs that I would 100% recommend and lots of fan favorite artists.
  10. I also think Spensha, Stephanie Skipper, and Jackie Verna all had excellent auditions as well and should have been on the poll over Drew, Kelsea, or Rayshun IMO.
  11. Easily Sharane but I voted for Christiana since she wasn’t on the pill.
  12. S9 had the best blinds out of the first half, hence the massive number of 4 chair turns. S16 had really good blinds as well, but I can see why people would vote for S15.
  13. Zania with Raine as a very close second.
  14. Ceelo: Avery Wilson maybe? Not many great choices tbh... (HM: Juhi, Tamara Chauniece) Christina: Alisan Porter (HM: Matthew Schuler, India Carney) Usher: Maybe VEDO or Bria Kelly? Didn't really like anyone from his teams. Shakira: Another hard one... I liked Monique Abaddie's audition I guess? Pharrell: Moushumi (HM: Mia Z, Koryn Hawthorne, Mark Hood) Gwen: Hunter Plake (HM: Rose Short, Ellie Lawrence) Miley: Literally her entire S13 team from the blinds and nobody else. Alicia: Sa'rayah is easily my personal favorite (HM: Chris Blue, Britton Buchanan, Christiana Danielle) JHud: MaKenzie Thomas (HM: Noah Mac, Davon Fleming) John Legend: TBH he hasn't really had a good team since S16, but definitely Maelyn (HM: Khalea Lynee) Kelly: Similarly to Team Legend, I don't think she's had a great team in a while. I liked both Jej Vinson and Beth Griffith-Manley the most though (HM: Anaya Cheyenne, DeSz) Adam: Jon Mero (HM: Emily Luther, Sharane Callister, Lilli Passero) Blake: Keisha Renee all the way (HM: Mary Sarah, Lauren Duski) lol totally forgot Nick existed... Uh I guess Dana Monique and Rachel Mac were both pretty good.
  15. I also can't seem to find a video of Abby Cates' battle, I think that would be a great one to reupload!
  16. Would love to see Holly Henry's battle montage with Cilla Chan!
  17. On the topic of Britton, I'd love to see an upload of his KO of New York State of Mind.
  18. Kymberli is #1, but I like Brynn, Gihanna, Micah, Max, and Jej.
  19. I didn't include anything pre-S10 apart from Loren because I assumed recency bias would prevent them from getting any votes
  20. I swear I look for this one on the daily. Seconding this!
  21. My eyes completely missed Maelyn and I somehow accidentally chose John Holliday I'm so sorry guys Rachel>Thunderstorm though.
  22. Any predictions for next week's throwback clip? I'm hoping for a performance we didn't originally see like Loren's audition. I'm personally praying for Chloe and Ilianna's battle but I know that'll never happen...
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