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  1. Double Corey and none of these ladies.. weird. he's pitchy tonight too
  2. Can this be considered a bus? Lol Cam is head and shoulders above the other two
  3. not sure where he dug up this BSB song from but not bad. clearly someone voting likes Devan so I could see him sticking around
  4. Owning the stage 1. Grace 2. Casey 3. Cassandra (robbed) -------- Doing their thing 4. Alyssa 5. Willie 6. Hunter ------ Love ya but I'm done with ya 7. Deshawn 8. Chayse ------ Please stop this foolishness 9. Arthur 10. Caleb
  5. words out of my mouth!
  6. And now I suddenly remember why I stopped watching Idol in the first place..
  7. This montaging and mystery/drama has made me way more interested in hearing from Raine now so idk! Here's the song, and also the Killers When You Were Young is on her channel. She had wanted to play earlier and it didn't clear.
  8. Yeah I think that's pretty reasonable even though I didn't enjoy Andrew that much either, she owns up to not having that showstopper voice (and that she had tonsilitis). The part I liked about Kelly's argument is that it would just be a better experience for the viewers and the show to have a more diverse roster of artists, and other people could do Jose's runs better than him. Since they insist on putting performances on Youtube immediately these days, I do wonder if it wouldn't hurt to put the full thing up there. I'm interested in the court of public opinion haha
  9. I had to make an account for this, they really are quite blunt and honest sometimes and it gets edited out. not to the point of rudeness, just that they have been in the industry and have strong feelings. I guess the editors didn't like the sass, but I would have rathered they cut out Connor's performance. anyway Blake literally said "isn't this show called The Voice?" and you should go with Jose, after Kelly made the argument that Raine's lane is unique and wide open and artistic. It was John & Kelly against Blake and somehow Nick folded. Sorry Jose but he somehow made Break Every Chain quite boring in my opinion, and I know that's an epic song. I can see America voting him out when there are much more interesting contestants, Kelly was right.
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