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  2. Tysm for talking to us this actually made my night after being disappointed by a lot of my favorites (you corey and dana) going home
  3. Oh yea i remember that high note being so cracked, made me look back from my scree for a second lmao
  4. OH that was the dude that lost to kenzie in KOs right, im already forgetting parts of this season jfc
  5. wait whos that again is this someone from this or last season
  6. Honestly one of the biggest jaw drops ive had this season
  7. KYLA yooo loved her too though i never finished that season
  8. not sure if you have one of these where you live but tiger sugar pudding boba is superior
  9. Reflection was a 10/10 but Always Remember us this way was a close second
  10. Yea same, which is wack because this was my favorite t9
  11. Gihanna was robbed of a PV, Corey was robbed of a IS.
  12. I thought he was easily the best IS but that gihanna shoulda been pv in the first place and IS in general shoulda been between kenzie and corey
  13. Gihanna was hard robbed of the PV, rip
  14. Yea lmao this went from one of the best top 9s to a pretty sleeper top 5. I don't even think this finale is worth watching though I'll prob check out Cam and Rachel's performances eventually.
  15. truee this finale is just Rachel Cam and all the mid tiers who i wish got eliminated
  16. Ah I thought the start was pretty weak and the end was pretty good while Dana's performance was just kinda there. And yea Dana got a much worse song choice than Rachel tbh. I never thought Dana would win PV anyway since two weeks ago in the playoffs Dana did better than Rachel and performed her best performance the entire season and still lost.
  17. based, Gihanna should have crushed that PV over boring Kenzie after both of their performances. I wouldn't have even minded my favorite Corey losing IS to Kenzie if that happened.
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