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  1. 1 minute ago, Bk1234 said:

    The timing of this comment though.

    In actuality though, I loved Chris Blue during S12 (I still go back to his knockout.) I just meant it as a joke. Sorry if it didn’t come off that way (and if it didn’t, feel free to use that ignore button 🙂)


    Now, back to Cam’s slayage...

    What I was also joking lmao plake didn't even make it to the finale

  2. Just now, mercfan3 said:


    There was nothing lowkey about that pimping. "Blake, epic coach of the voice..if you were to win this season..that would be 8 times, that's amazing..also..here comes your contestant to sing his dedication song." 


    Stay obvious AF Voice. 

    i love TPTB just decimating kenzie tonight didnt even watch his first performance but from the comments here it sounded p boring

  3. Haven't seen every season of the show but these are the best I've seen

    1. Chevel Shepherd: pretty dominant winner who’s consistent performances allowed her to have the easiest the voice win I’ve ever seen.  She didn’t have anyone I considered real competition for the win until Kennedy Holmes woke up in the semis/finale.

    2. Chloe Kohanski: Delivered what I consider the best performance of all time in the show: Total Eclipse of the Heart, and one of the best KO's of all time: Landslide.  Pretty strong winner overall though not the most consistent.

    3. Addison Agen: One of the most consistent performers the entire season, solid performances.

    4. Melanie Martinez: Easily the most successful the voice contestant and also one of my favorites that season.  She improved a lot after the show.

    5. Tessanne Chin: Having an Asian winner was pretty dope, it helped that she consistently dropped bangers.

    6. Rachel Mac: Had some of the greatest development I've seen in this show, went from a one chair to a frontrunner pretty quickly.

    7. Gihanna Zoe: Had one of the best live performances I've seen, Reflection, and pretty solid improvement overall.

    8. Dana Monique: Very consistent performer, was consistently strong in terms of performance until the Instant Save.

    9. Kyla Jade: She was the only bright spot in a season so awful that I stopped watching so she earns a spot on my list for that alone.

    10. Kimberly Nichole: Had some crazy powerful performances and a great voice.





  4. 3 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

    i just messaged you on insta ❤️ 


    and yeah i think for the most part we don't reveal identities but i can tell who a few people are from their pfps and all lmaoo

    LMAOO tf i mainly use insta for private stuff and im not on it enough to get IDF sniped

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