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  1. Pia shoulda crushed PV over victor so she shouldnt have even been in IS to begin with
  2. Man Jordan really was a Gold Dust Woman one trick hasnt performed well since
  3. We really got this guy instead of Corey or Gihanna or Dana rip
  4. What am i listening to lmao this is certainly the oddest performance this season
  5. Wtf is Jordan doing im so tempted to unmute the finale just to see how this goes
  6. I liked them equally but Total Eclipse of the Heart blew everything else that season out of the water
  7. Oh god victor closing though Jordan on rihanna is uh interesting
  8. I liked this song choice and performance a lot, she might snag that 2nd place spot with it
  9. pretty close i gotta give cams a rewatch tbh. i liked the latter high notes a lot
  10. Chris Blue for life lmaoo but i did like this a lot
  11. I like this better than her first one but not sure this is enough to stand up to Cam
  12. Gihanna already had one of the better blind auditions
  13. Yea pretty much dont think its gonna beat Chloes tbh
  14. ive spent more time in this thread than actually watching the finale ngl
  15. is this victors awakening or is he gonna bore like usual
  16. lmao not wrong gold dust woman blows anything kenzies done out of the water
  17. trueeee id even take Jordan or Victor over him
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