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  1. 1. Cam: The most consistent performer body of work wise and had the best performance in the finale.

    2. Rachel: Another pretty consistent performer but didn't quite reach the highs Cam did in the last 2 episodes with her recent work, though if she performed like she did in her KOs I think she'd have a shot of winning the show.

    Large Gap

    3. Jordan: He's only had one good performance this entire season, Gold Dust Woman, but that's enough to get him here.  Gold Dust Woman was a great performance and was better than every Team Blake performance that night.  Sad that he got so boring after it though, and Stay was easily one of the worst performances this season.

    4. Victor: Great finale closer but every other one of his performances has been boring, he shouldn't have made it past Ryleigh or Pia.

    5. Kenzie: Easily the most boring "frontrunner" of all time, this guy just isn't that good.  Him getting PV over Gihanna last week was a crime.


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  2. 6 minutes ago, Harmat said:

    Here are quick interviews Cam did for the Finale. 


    Post-Finale: Cam really wanted to sing Jealous-Labyrinth and Everything I Wanted-Billie Eilish on the show.





    Pre-Finale: Cam's most memorable performances were his Battle and Knockout.



    Cam would have crushed Jealous tbh

  3. Freedom showed incredible improvement for Victor, he’s someone I didn’t care for at all the whole season (though I liked his KO) and he really woke up here.  But Cam really brought it and delivered the best performance of the night so I’d have to go with him

  4. Skipped a lot of the performances from what I saw

    1. Cam: Stand Up 9.5/10

    2. Rachel: The Chain 9/10

    3. Cam: Dead or Alive 8.5/10

    4. Victor: Freedom 8/10

    5. Rachel: I Hope You Dance 6.5/10

    6-10. Every performance that I skipped

    11. Jordan: Stay 1/10

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