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  1. 3 hours ago, TheVoiceFan2 said:
    1. Cam. No explanation needed yall know he was flawless
    2. Rachel. Something about her growth arc was amazing to watch. I know for a fact that if we had been told pre battles that Rachel was a finalist, IDF would’ve laughed their asses off. She deserves to be where she is based on the growth she’s shown. (Her peak: playoffs)
    3. Jordan. He is genuinely a very cool vocalists. He’s had his off moments but his experience still shines through. I personally think his semi finals and finale were two of his weaker night but before that he was very very consistent and deserves props for that. (His peak: playoffs)
    4. Victor. Someone that I personally enjoyed pre taped rounds but after his battle I just couldn’t enjoy him until the finale (with the exception of the trio). He’s had very strong performances (Glory and Freedom obvi) but track record wise he wasn’t the strongest in my eyes. (His peak: blinds, he came back up in freedom lol, but I still prefer his blind)
    5. Kenzie. I just haven’t enjoyed him as much. His knockout was his best performance, but I wouldn’t rank it higher than Cam, Rachel or even Jordan’s. I think tonight was his most vocally inconsistent night. His semi finals performance was strong, but just not as impactful as his knockout. He’s strong but every week at least the one of the previously ranked contestants did better than him if you ask me. (His peak: knockouts)

    Didn't see this before writing mine but this is my exact ranking lmao

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