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  1. Oh I was mainly looking at this iTunes numbers, he had very high iTunes stats compared to the others that season. Corey never really had that kind of popularity.
  2. Difference was Plake had a good shot at a win and was consistently a frontrunner before the semis while Corey was never gonna win and him making it to the finale was pretty up in the air from the beginning.
  3. 1. Corey Ward: Already Gone 10/10 2. Gihanna Zoe: Reflection 10/10 3. Cam Anthony: It's so Hard to Say Goodbye:10/10 4. Dana Monqiue: Free Your Mind: 10/10 5. Rachel Mac: Foolish Games 9.5/10 6. Cam Anthony: Stand Up 9.5/10 7. Corey Ward: Lose to Love Me 9.5/10 8. Jordan Matthew Young: Gold Dust Woman 9/10 9. Anna Grace: Let Her Go: 9/10 10. Raine Stern: Electric Feel 9/10
  4. Oh I only thought Jordan made the finale in the first place because Kelly's fans were split between Corey and Gihanna. Jordan isn't a country singer and didn't even sing a country song in the IS so he loses in this timeline. I had Gihanna as runner-up since she's good enough to get America's votes in the position of Kelly's frontrunner and is a lot more likely to get pushed forward with great song choices than Corey is.
  5. 1. Chevel 2. Cam 3. Sawyer 4. Danielle massive gap 5. Brynn Haven't seen: Carter
  6. In Earth 2's The Voice, Kenzie ends up on team Blake and Cam ends up on team John. So, Team Blake: Kenzie ends up becoming Blake's frontrunner and coasts his way to the finale. KOs end up being Kenzie v Ethan and Jordan v Connor and Kenzie/Jordan win both. Team John: Cam ends up becoming John's frontrunner and also gets to the finale without much competition Team Kelly: Avery still gets stolen but since his KO wasn't that good anyway, loses to Corey. Corey is her early frontrunner/PV after his knockout's hype, but Gihanna gets the PV in the semis. However, without Gihanna to compete for the votes of Kelly's fans, Corey crushes the instant save and gets into the finale Team Nick: No changes Finale rankings: Winner: Kenzie Wheeler. With Blake as his coach he actually gets good song choices/the backing of Team Blake and the minivan drives him to victory making me despise this alternate reality. Runner-up: Gihanna Zoe. She actually gets the Beyonce song she wanted this time and kills it but its not enough to stop the minivan. Oh well. 3rd: Cam Anthony. Cam's too good for 4th or 5th but doesn't have Blake's fanbase to help him so he peaks here. 4th: Corey Ward. Hey at least he's here this time and the inhabitants of Earth 2 don't have to sit through Jordan singing a Rihanna song. Corey would probably slay "Stay" tbh 5th: Rachel Mac. With Victor out of this earth's finale she moves a spot down.
  7. Nick and Rachel though Rachel hard carried
  8. Had the strongest top 9 out of every season I've seen but the top 5 besides Cam/Rachel were...less than desirable at the time. It was brought down by the shortened format and each coach being forced to have a finalist. We could have easily had a Cam/Kenzie/Gihanna/Rachel final 4 which would have been pretty great. However, this season had one of my favorite and most consistent winners in Camand Victor performed well in his closer which saved the finale.
  9. God woulda been so funny for him to sing this in the finale
  10. damn 2 of my favorite winners going live woulda been heat
  11. Yea Kenzies song choices/performances besides the KO round were not impressive enough to win the competition under Kelly, ironically Kelly blocking Kenzie caused him to lose the show.
  12. Top 5 for sure, doesn't take Chloes #1 spot but he's pretty close body of work wise. My Top 5 would probably be 1. Chloe Kohanski 2. Chevel Shepherd 3. Cam Anthony 4. Sundance Head 5. Tessanne Chin
  13. mans peaked in the KOs and started flopping him getting front runner status was a free win for Cam, I feel like if Rachel was on team Kelly instead of Nick she would have put up a better fight against him
  14. Freest dub I've seen in this show, Cam was head and shoulders above a lot of his competition. Big congrats to him and Blake!
  15. Cmon Cam finish one of the most boring finalists in the shows history and take this W
  16. Damn i was right for weeks about victor 5th place lock though he did not deserve it after his finale run
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