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  1. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    #25. Jose Figueroa Jr. (Team Nick)

    Kicking off this set is a contestant that I never expected to make it as far as they did (or as high on this ranking list) and another contestant that I was SO close to making a fan thread for pre-season. Jose was the King of Runs this season. He just was. His signature runs were a part of every performance, which may have turned off some people. I enjoyed them (for the most part) though, so Jose lucked out there. Jose gave his best performance in the blinds with his performances of “At This Moment.” I think what was so great about this performance was that Jose had his signature runs, but they were at the right spots. There were moments where he was just belting, and moments where he was giving us the good stuff. Overall, it was a nice, healthy mix and I’d even go and say that it might be the most underrated blind audition of the season (at least on here.) Jose chose Nick, which was a good choice because it allowed him to stand out, plus Nick brought him to the lives, so good play there, Jose. In the Battles, Jose was paired with Awari and together they sang “You Say.” Outside of the fact that he was a bit pitchy in some spots, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jose’s parts in this performance. I appreciate his vocal ability though. The runs he was doing were so intricate and complex, and he executed them perfectly. My only issue is that they were littered throughout the performance. There was no time to relax, it was just run, after run, after run… The runs would have felt more meaningful had they been saved for the right moments. I can see why Nick chose Jose though. That vocal ability and skill is undeniable. Jose moved on to the Knockouts where he was paired against Raine (the first of two strange KO pairings in this set.) He won the Knockout, but unfortunately, his performance of “Break Every Chain” was montaged. He sounded great in the snippet they showed and I actually didn’t mind the runs here. I think the difference is that “You Say” is a more intimate song, so the runs felt overbearing, whereas “Break Every Chain” requires more passion and conviction, so I found the runs tasteful. Anyway, Jose moved on to the Playoffs where he gave his weakest performance of the competition. Simply put, “Talking To The Moon” was not the song for him, and I think he realized that as soon as he got it. He struggled with some of the higher notes, but overall, it was a pretty solid vocal, just his weakest on the show. I liked the runs here because I thought they brought new life into the song. It felt like a Jose performance and not just one from a Bruno Mars wanna-be. Now, after this performance I did not expect Jose to get into the wildcard, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him get the opportunity to do so (he looked quite shocked too! 🤣) “Superstition” was a much better choice for Jose and while his performance didn’t beat Chris Blue’s legendary rendition, it was yet another solid vocal from him. I didn’t like some of the phrasing, but that’s just a nit-picky personal preference thing. Jose didn’t win the Instant Save, which I wasn’t surprised by, but he should be really proud of his run (or should I say “runs.” ;)) The reason I have Jose this high is mostly out of respect for his vocal ability, which he was able to showcase in every performance. He wasn’t perfect in some performances, but some of those runs were mind-boggling and were enough to warrant him a spot in this set.
    Clue: He ran so much during his time on the show - no wonder he lost so much weight. (a reference to all the runs that Jose executed in his performances and his weight loss during the show, which by the way, congrats to him for accomplishing that!!)


    #24. Savanna Chestnut (Team Blake)

    (Everyone lets out a sigh of relief when they find out that the clue did not refer to Savanna Woods. :giggle:) After first discovering the spoilers, I would have NEVER imagined that Savanna Chestnut would be so close to making my Top 20. I was never too impressed by her off-show covers, but then her audition came and I was FLOORED by that magnificent tone. I loved her version of the song and I am honestly shocked she only got one chair to turn around and that it took Blake so long to turn. Her tone is so pure and her voice has a bit of a yodel effect to it that is goosebumps-inducing. She even played guitar here which was just cool to see. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Savanna’s audition. I even preferred it to Emma’s audition, and Emma was my favorite of the country girls pre-season. Savanna moved on to the Battles where she sounded gorgeous yet again. Savanna’s tone sounded amazing on this song and I actually preferred her here because of that (Pete still did great though.) They did shortclip this one, so we didn’t get to see the whole thing, but you better believe that I had the performance on loop ever since it aired on TV. That’s the true beauty of Savanna’s tone: it forces you to listen and want to listen over and over again. Savanna has an album out that highlights what I have been saying about her tone. Even if all the songs aren’t your cup of tea, you’ll be sucked into every one because of her amazing tone. Unfortunately, Savanna was eliminated after this beautiful vocal. 😢 I was fine with Pete winning since he also sounded great, but I wish there was a steal or a save left for Savanna. If Savanna had advanced, I think she could have been one of my favorites and she probably would have surpassed Emma, the other country girl this season, in this ranking list. However, given the fact that we got so few performances from her, I’d say this is a fair placement for her. 🙂
    Clue: Two of them in one episode, but only one in this set. (Savanna Chestnut and Savanna Woods were both in the same audition episode, but there is only one Savanna in this set.)


    #23. Ciana Pelekai (Team Legend)

    Next up is my favorite from the days of the spoiler chat, Ciana Pelekai. I’d say Ciana was my original pre-season snowflake. When I discovered her, I was just obsessed with her covers, which highlighted the ache in her voice. I would have made her fan thread too, but a certain other user on here insisted on making it (and then proceeded to never update it :/), so I let them out of the kindness of my heart. 😛 Anyway, Ciana came out swinging with her version of Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey.” Ciana’s version was PERFECT for her. It allowed her to show her vocal power and her ability to navigate the tricky rhythm of the song. The performance showed Ciana’s versatility and I think Nick and John realized that, with John even blocking Nick (which I think makes Ciana the first blocked artist to be ranked.) I think a lot of people were too harsh on this performance because of the song choice and ignored the fact that Ciana killed it with her unique arrangement. I personally thought it was one of, if not the, best performance of the episode. Anyway, Ciana joined Team Legend and moved on to the Battles where she was paired up against Denisha Dalton. Their performance of “you broke me first” was montaged, so I can’t really say who I preferred, but in that snippet it did look like Ciana brought more energy to the stage, so I’ll give her credit there (plus, her outfit looked STUNNING!) Like I mentioned in Denisha’s write-up, their power ballad rendition of the song is what probably resulted in a poor performance, which in turn probably resulted in the montage. Unfortunately, we will probably never know and can only really go off of source comments, which could be inaccurate. Anyway, Ciana moved on to the Knockouts where she was paired up against Pia Renee. Ciana was given “Cuz I Love You,” which I’ll be honest and say was not the song for her. :whut: Ciana needed an emotional ballad to give her a moment in the Knockouts, but unfortunately she wasn’t given that opportunity. Despite the poor song choice, I thought Ciana still did a nice job with the performance. She struggled with some of the high notes, but overall, she was vocally solid. The good thing about the song is that it allowed her to infuse more of her personality into the performance (trying to find positives in overly negative situations.) Unfortunately, Ciana lost her Knockout and was not stolen (unpopular, but I think she deserved a steal. :stealth:) She had a pretty good run, especially given the song choices, which brings me to my main point. I think I might have enjoyed Ciana’s run way more had she been given songs that allowed her to emote and really show off the ache in her voice. This can be seen in some of her off-show covers and I honestly wish she had been given the opportunity to showcase this on the show. I am really excited for her post-show career, since her voice will sound amazing when recorded. ☺️
    Clue: Auditioned for the lead role in a Disney film. (Ciana auditioned for the role of Moana, the protagonist of a Disney film of the same name.)


    #22. Keegan Ferrell (Team Blake -> Team Nick)

    Next up is the second battle steal to be ranked, the first audition leak to be ranked, the first Voice contestant to follow me on Instagram (I wish I had recorded my reaction to that :w00tbounce:), and the victim of a murder that was staged by Nick Jonas. :giggle: Now that all those titles are out of the way and everyone is done worrying if this clue was a reference to Dana or Cam, let’s officially begin Keegan’s write-up. Keegan was one of my pre-season favorites (as many of you guys know) and I was also the one to make his fan thread on here (which I believe adds yet another title to the list: second fan thread contestant ranked.) I will admit that I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t enjoy Keegan’s run on the show because he is more prone to the producing field, but then his audition came and I truly became a Keegoon. First off, a longer, recorded version of his audition is available on all streaming platforms, so go check it out! ;) Keegan didn’t do much vocally with this performance, but his voice just sucked me right in from the first note. I especially love the part where he sang “she willllll BE loveddd.” The extra emphasis on the word “be” was just so powerful and one of my favorite parts of the performance. 🥺 He was also one of the few who played the piano for their audition, so props to him for doing that and singing at the same time. Blake and Kelly turned for him and he ended up going with Blake and getting that bobblehead (which I’m pretty sure he did a whole photoshoot with.) I wonder if any of the other coaches would have turned had their teams not been full. Regardless, Keegan moved on to the Battles and was paired up against Jordan (surprise, surprise) and they sang “Calling All Angels” (another surprise.) A lot of people on here weren’t a fan of Keegan in his battle, but I enjoyed his parts. This is a tough one for me since Jordan has the more interesting tone, but Keegan had the stronger vocal performance. Vocals aside, it was nice to see Keegan own the stage more and I think the guitar helped him with that. Blake chose Jordan as the winner, which was a fair decision, but luckily for Keegan, Nick stole him (and minutes after, he had to rush to his laptop to finish his math homework.) Keegan moved on to the Knockouts and was paired with THE Dana Monique (aka Nick/producers staged a murder.) This pairing made absolutely no sense and I am still puzzled by it. 😕 The two are completely different types of singers and that was shown in their performances. Keegan sang “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me” and I’ll admit, it certainly wasn’t a perfect vocal. However, I thought Keegan owned that stage better than in any of his other performances. He did play the guitar here, but unfortunately, the sound mix wasn’t too kind to that segment of the performance. I honestly felt really bad for Keegan in this instance. He had to perform after Dana’s slayage and during one of the later tapings where the only coach to have a steal was his own, Nick. It’s just unfortunate that this Knockout pairing had to happen. It made it quite obvious that Nick/the producers were intent on getting one contestant through and not even giving the other a fighting shot. Keegan did end up going home, but it seemed like he wasn't too bummed about it. I would have liked to see him do some jazz in the lives, but it is what it is. If this ranking was entirely based on off-show interactions, Keegan would probably be in the Top 5. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him on Instagram a few times and he is so approachable and easy to talk to. He’s just such a sweet and down to earth individual, and I would love to meet him in-person one day. 🙂 It has been a blast supporting Keegan on the show, and despite him missing out on the Top 20 in this list, his career is one that I will definitely continue to follow and support.
    Clue: A certain coach should be punished for allowing a murder to occur on a family TV show. (a reference to the unusual pairing of Dana and Keegan, in which a vocal powerhouse slayed and went up against a singer with a more subtle singing style.)

    #21. Deion Warren (Team Legend)

    Just missing out on the Top 20 is certainly one of the more interesting contestants of the season (I’ll talk a bit about *that* later in the write-up, but know that it had no effect on his placement. :yes:) Also, after not getting a Team Legend contestant in the last set, I feel it’s about time we got another. This might come as a surprise to some, but Deion was actually one of my pre-season favorites. I debated heavily on whether or not I wanted to make his fan thread, but decided against it because I had already made six (luckily, I didn’t end up making it because he would go on to be eliminated in the Battles…) Anyway, Deion started off his run with a solid performance of “Shallow” (a song that is extremely overplayed…) I believe this would make him the second audition leak ranked, the first being Keegan. Now, I’m going to go out and say, IDF (including me) was WAY too harsh on this performance. He SLAYED this. I literally just re-watched it and there are chill bumps everywhere. 🤯 Those runs were insane and this performance alone cemented Deion as one of the top vocalists of the season (in my opinion.) Deion probably would have gotten a (deserved) four-chair turn had Blake not promised to not turn for anyone in Cam’s lane. Blake was apparently his first choice too, so I kind of feel bad. 😕 Deion ended up going with John, who paired Deion with Victor in the Battles. Now, the sources weren’t too kind to this battle (especially Deion’s parts) in their comments, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard the battle… I’ll share my thoughts on Victor’s parts when he is ranked, but Deion killed it! I can see why some would be turned off by his tone, but you can’t deny those insane runs! Jeez… 🤯 I actually preferred Deion here and thought he was more solid vocally, which I certainly did not expect to be saying after seeing the source comments. John went with Victor and unfortunately, Deion ended up going home which is a real bummer considering how great he did and what his Knockout song would have been (“Tennessee Whiskey,” for those who don’t know)… Now, Deion did mention that John promised to save the loser of the battle in rehearsal, so it is understandable why he was a bit upset by his elimination. Deion did call out IDF during one his lives and to be honest, some of his comments were justified. :haha: I won’t dwell on it much, but while I do think some things could have been worded better, not said at all, or even prevented by him not viewing the site, Deion did have a point with some of his claims. I think it serves as a good reminder to all of us on here that the contestants are real people with emotions and to be mindful of what we say. Now that that’s all over with, Deion’s placement is mostly due to how little performances we got from him. He killed all of them vocally, but given the fact that I never got too invested in him, I can’t really put him much higher than this. However, he is definitely deserving of the highest spot in this set. 🙂
    Clue: This contestant’s status in the competition was affected by a kept promise and an unkept promise. (Blake, Deion’s #1 pick, didn’t turn because he promised to not turn for anyone in Cam’s lane, and John didn’t save Deion, after he apparently promised to save the loser of the battle in rehearsal.)



    Feel free to share your thoughts down below! I will be posting the clues for the next set once everyone has gotten a chance to view the rankings and respond.

    Deion roasted IDF on insta live??? Damn wish I payed more attention to him I’d love to see that lmao.  I only remember him because of his interesting comments about his boring battle round being one of the best of the show’s history.

  2. 11 hours ago, Jordan Smith Fan said:

    Corey's blind was more warmly received than Savanna's. It was probably in IDF's top 4 or 5. But in the battle IDF preferred Savanna. Misirlou created a poll for the Favorite individual performance and Corey only got like 3 or 4 votes while Savanna got more than 18.


    And even for their KOs I'm not sure who IDF preferred. Because Both Corey and Savanna were the second favorite KOs of IDF of their respective nights(the different between Corey and Pia was really minor but I'm sure if he was up against Cam the difference would've been higher just like in Savanna's case).

    Huh yea I thought Corey’s blind was fine but nothing special, wasn’t anywhere near my top 5. I’m shocked he was the second favorite KO tho, I didn’t think anything else that night came remotely close to Already Gone, that remained my fave KO of the season despite how stacked Night 2 was.  I remember first KO night being pretty sleep besides Already Gone and Night 2 being insanely stacked.  Yea I remember Cam being the heavy favorite KO of Night 2 though his was behind a couple others like Rachel, Savanna, Zae, etc for me.

  3. On 5/31/2021 at 11:40 AM, ikwonic said:

    I was going to say this too! It's insane they decided to give that amazing battle the montage treatment.


    Some other ones that I encourage everyone to listen to:

    • Moushumi (Wicked Game) Her tone is out of this world. She deserved to go so much farther that season.
    • Whitney and Shannon vs. Gabriel Violett (More Than Words) I still think Gabriel was the clear winner and Whitney and Shannon only won due to being a duo and a 4 chair turn, but they both did great.
    • Halle Tomlinson (New York State of Mind) She deserved to go so much farther. I especially love the studio version, although she sounded good live too. Her battle against Belle Jewel also sounded good in the studio (got montaged so we didn't hear it live). 
    • Maye Thomas (Roses) I've never seen her mentioned here, but she's so different from everyone else that's been on the show. 
    • Katriz Trinidad vs. Blessing Offer (Do I Do) One of the warmest and happiest battles from this show. The fact that Katriz was able to outshine someone with so much more experience was super impressive. Katriz should've gone SO much farther.
    • Courtney Harrell (River Deep Mountain High) Literally one of the most impressive performances I've ever seen. I have no idea why I've never seen it mentioned here, unless I'm just not looking hard enough, which is definitely fathomable.

    river deep mountain high was a banger for sure

  4. On 5/29/2021 at 7:45 PM, sneaky said:

    I've watched Seasons 13-20 and I think this might be the second weakest final behind Season 16. I kind feel Cam is the only one who showed they deserved to be there and in Season 16 I thought only Maelyn showed she was deserving. At least this time the rest of the cast were not just country singers.

    Yea the final overall was filled with a lot of the weaker contestants from this season which made me pretty disinterested in it.  I liked Rachel too but the season was an obvious Cam win.

  5. Out of every season I've watched

    1. Hunter Plake (Fave, everything except his Blind and With or Without You).  Love this guys performances and his clean af falsetto.  Mans got robbed of a finale spot big time.

    2. Noah Mac (Fave, River) He was my favorite from his season (though I loved the top 2) and had the 3rd best run that season behind the titans themselves Chloe/Addison.  Wish he made the finale.

    3. Sundance Head (Fave, No One) One of my favorite winners in general, he was head and shoulders above his competition and showed way more power and versatility than I've seen from most country artists on this show.  

    4. Corey Ward (Fave, Already Gone) He had my favorite performance of the season, Already Gone, that I consider to be the one of the best KOs of all time.  He also is one of the only contestants who had IS performances I really enjoyed.

    5. Cam Anthony (Fave, It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday) I was tempted to put Chris Blue here but Cam was just way more consistent overall and It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday is one of the best live performances I've seen someone give.  I may like Corey more than him but he easily had the most consistent overall run this season with the only performance I didn't like from him being a battle round with another person.


    HMs: Chris Blue, Terry McDermott, Laith-Al-Sadi, Will Champlin

  6. 11 hours ago, Teraginn said:

    She is pretty much a household name in the Philippines today. She has 2.5M monthly Spotify listeners, became a judge on Idol Philippines (a reverse Kelly Clarkson) and her music videos always trend on social media.

    I saw her live when she opened for Boyce Avenue 2 years ago.... and the crowd went NUTS for her.

    Whoa she became the Kelly Clarkson there didn’t know that, only people from the voice ph I remember loving was Jason Dy/Darren Espanto/Timmy Pavino but thats dope. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Teraginn said:

    I don't remember the specifics, but he and Lauren are pretty much flip-flopping each week as the lead iTunes votegetters. IDF still put way too much value on iTunes.

    Wasn't iTunes a lot more valuable then since it gave a 10x multiplier or something

  8. In terms of similar artists music wise we have

    Cam Anthony/Victor Solomon -> Chris Blue

    Rachel Mac -> Brennley Brown

    Gihanna Zoe -> Aliyah Moulden

    Kenzie Wheeler-> Lauren Duski

    Corey Ward -> Hunter Plake

    Jordan Matthew Young -> Jesse Larson


    In the Semis, we both had a male pop singer (Corey/Hunter) and a teenage girl (Gihanna/Brennley) on the same team lose to a snowflake killer rock artist (Jordan/Jesse) in the Instant save.

    In the finale, a RnB artist (Victor/Chris) pulled off a memorable closer.  Also in the finale, a RnB artist (Cam/Chris) beat a country artist that was considered a frontrunner the whole season (Kenzie/Lauren) to win the show.  


    Do you agree or do you find my comparison to be a stretch?


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