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  1. So in general I hope team legend and kelly fail.
  2. Also I want rachel to make top 3 at least
  3. What I want to happen: Victor: Gets 5th-4td Kenzie: Gets 3rd Jordan: Same as Victor Cam & Rachel: Top 2 I hope
  4. Am I the only one who thought zae was a girl's name and a girl when I saw the spoilers?!
  5. Ok sorry if i did anything wrong.
  6. One of them is team Legend, pretty obvious who's not winning.
  7. I want Rachel to at least get third somehow.
  8. Rachel vs. Victor vs. Jordan Who would win?
  9. Finally I'm listening to Human from rachel mac with the amazing emotion towards the end.
  10. Also Dana got bussed, but then got off the bus barely in time.
  11. Because Rachel won PV this week, will she win PV this week? Also had a dream she had the most votes out of anyone(including IS)
  12. Kelly: Doesn't Turn for Cam Kelly: Blocks Black From Kenzie Which decision will come out on top?
  13. Dana got bussed Got off the bus barely in time though. She might have a chance.
  14. Loving you is a losing.... game. IDK how corey sounded but was I the only one paying attention to kelly's advice during that live?
  15. In the beginning and end she kinda bombed, but on the big notes and everything else she did good. Beginning: F Middle: A End: D
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