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  1. And I don't even know if it was the producers. There are homophobes out there that wouldn't vote for her bc shes a lesbian. I want to change that so much.
  2. I think that too. I literally feel so bad for her thats awful if thats what rly happened.
  3. Why does she have to make me so gay? I was straight till I saw her and then realized I wasn't. AAHHHHHH SHE"S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  4. I can't wait for lives on Monday!! I'm voting her up!!!
  5. ikr!! She's insanely talented!!!
  6. Make sure to vote you guys!!!! Ryleigh MUST WIN!!!
  7. yesss!!! I'm voting 20 votes on every one of my devices and emails!! She NEEDS to win!!!!!!!!!
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