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  1. Victor might not be Johns frontrunner after all... It depends how his Knockout goes but wow. I’m all here for it because of Zania.
  2. That reminded me of Tamara saying that to Kelly LMFAOAOOAO
  3. I hope it’s Dana Vs. Keegan, Zania Vs. Rio, Pia Vs. Ciana. I want to see one of AA women get leaked!!!
  4. Any guesses on who will be in the knockouts preview? I’m guessing Dana/Ryliegh/Gean/Victor/ and probably Cam.
  5. Ashland just performed America the Beautiful and the announcer said “america’s next big country singer” she sounded good though!!
  6. oh in that case... ILL JOIN! Lindsay is going to come back as the 10th anniversary Coach Comeback
  7. Lol wait coach comebacks are coming back? BK and more keep mentioning it Lolz
  8. I WAS SO MAD. Kelsie gave me one of the best blinds that season. Then, they decided to Montage her battle. I was excited to see her knockout but i guess they gave her one of the worst songs to ever sing on the show. Kat R. From season 5 gave the performance of “ you oughta know”
  9. man... it breaks my heart Raine had potential on Nicks team. I blame Nick for that song choice tho... Adore you is never a good song to sing on a competition show.
  10. oh man... poor Raine. Atleast Andrew deserved steal.
  11. no i looked at the idf dictionary! i also realized that you guys call Kenzie... Jenzie? Man y’all are funny af!
  12. yess! Kenzie doesn’t need his battle being shown it’s better for Cam, Dana, Corey, Gihanna, Victor, Zania and more to have a win and try to be front runners.
  13. What are your guys comparisons of this season with other seasons? IMO i’m doing it based on the results and on teams. This season is giving me season 17/13 vibes with a mix of both. The top 16 are WOW! Adding Carolina/Savanna/ Emma to that mix will make it even better. I like Devan but he ain’t interesting. I’m really liking this season the results have been great. Other then Lindsay/Rio/Bradley/Awari going home.. I’m loving this season rn!!
  14. 1. Corey Ward 2. Brynn Cartelli 3. Sid Kingsley
  15. 1st Pick: Desz 2nd Pick: Chevel 3rd Pick: Thunderstorm
  16. oh ok thank you for the info!!! There a lot of threads about everything here on idf lol it’s so fun tho!
  17. I see your favorites under the “Quote”... sorry lol how do i do that? I have many favs this season more then the last seasons tbh
  18. Hey y’all i am new to idf! The addition of Ariana this season is going to be so exciting. I am going to love the interactions of her and Blake Lolz.... Also her and John and Kelly will be really fun!!!
  19. hey y’all I am new to idf!! I am a huge fan of this season this season is possibly being better and better then the past few seasons! I cant wait for the knockouts!
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