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  1. I am shook. Last night was such a good premiere. OMG WHY DOES WAKING UP THE NEXT DAY AFTER A PREMIERE FEEL SO GOOD.
  2. oh… I just saw some previous comments from others saying the girls where pitchy during their run Lol.
  3. Unpopular: Hello Sunday doesn’t deserve the hate they get… in fact they had some of the best growth out of many contestants. I thought they were phenomenal in almost every performance. Ik this may trigger some people Lol!
  4. This is a poll for those AA queens who don’t classify themselves as powerhouses but have insane vocals. Some sang pop, country, and R+B! Vote for your favorite in the poll! Some may be classified as powerhouses to others but IMO they were more soulful to me!
  5. Since some of you guys want spoilers hehe… btw these are fake just for your amusement! Calmly Rose - Shallow- Turned Blake, John and Ariana. John Blocked Ariana. Picked John - Sources said she was phenomenal! Has the same tone as Addison Agen and Chloe MK mixed!!!! - Ariana sang with her Dangerous Women on stage! - John said he needs a strong female Vocalist with a unique tone to finally win this show. - Kelly didn’t turn because she saw the block and didn’t think she had a chance against John. - Blake pitched well, but wasn’t as good as john. Blake also said she can win the show! Marissiay Hallow- pov- Turned Kelly, John, Ariana- Kelly blocked Ariana. Picked Kelly! - Was absolutely Stunning! Her rendition was so good... She has the same tone as Maelyn! - Her voice touched Kelly to press and Kelly said she was about to cry. - John was stunned... he didn’t pitch at all because of how good Marrisiay was.(Also because how much Kelly was talking) - Blake didn’t turn because he didn’t see the block and thought Marrisiay will pick Ariana. Blake didn’t want to get humiliated... Dev Iris- everything i wanted- Turned 4 Chairs. Picked Blake. - Everybody was shocked Dev was a male. He has a unique tone and was a insane vocalist. - Blake pitched the best and said he would love winning with someone unique. - John and Ariana said Dev could be a finalist. - Kelly said he could win the show and Dev responded with “don’t ya say that to everybody”. Jorge’ Timer- Light On- Turned John and Ariana. Picked John. - Jorge’ was really good and had some pitchy moments, but his tone is really special according to Ariana. - John turned first and thought no one else would turn and then Ariana pushed at last second. - Kelly, Blake, and John all thought Jorge’ had the biggest crush on Ariana when she was pitching, but he yelled out “GUYS I LIKE MEN”.
  6. ONG GUYS THE FIRST ARTIST AUDITIONED AND IS OUR AA PH!!! Sunflower Tall - It’s a Man’s Man’s Mans World - turned 4 chairs. Chose ARIANA. - My source said Sunflower Tall made Rose Short (get it? lol) look like Kane Brown. - Ariana said she was unstoppable and if the audience voted for her she would immediately release her next album, Arianators in the audience went CRAZY. - A real mix between Amanda Brown, Rose Short, Kyla Jade, Desz and Dana Monique, yall ain’t ready OMG OUR 1ST FINALIST! credits to @TheVoiceFan2 for making this masterpiece LMFAOAOA
  7. maybe they didn’t like Rose that season LMFAOO?
  8. Unpopular- but I really loved Joana Martinez version of California Dreamin. It was awesome!
  9. - I remember the first season I started watching in season 12 and the performance that got my attention to watch The Voice was Hannah Eyre’s Bleeding Love. That performance was amazing! - Roderick Chambers was also underrated in his battle and KO I loved his falsetto for both performances like Redbone and when the party’s over. - I’m so happy Myracle, Ricky and more are getting appreciated.
  10. So this is quite interesting my friends are huge Ariana fans and were like omg i’m gonna watch The Voice Season 21 it’s gonna be so good... but if anything knowing my friends they probably are gonna forget abt it until they release the trailer and Ariana posts anything Voice related. Arianators will do anything to make Queen Ari win tho tbh, if Ari posts anything like Save this certain person on my team you know they will vote.
  11. It doesn’t quite happen when a all time idol forums favorite wins The Voice. The last time that happened Maelyn won! It’s quite ironic how Maelyn and Cam are both the most deserving winners by defeating a country guy as runner ups
  12. Yea tbh. Obviously tho i’m gonna try to see who got through the open call. I usually look this way if I find one contestant who’s in LA, I look to see who they are following and look for the other contestants as well LMFAOO
  14. Gihanna is so cute on her live rn. I wanna go and just hug her omg
  15. The thing I like about you, your not scared to have different opinions then others. You don’t like what most of idf likes, that is what makes you stand out!
  16. Can we acknowledge how diverse our finale is... All different Genres... Jordan- Rock/Blues Cam- R+B/Pop Victor- Gospel/Pop Rachel- Indie Pop Kenzie- Country
  17. I just realized TPTB leaked at least most of the Top 9 this season... Victor Solomon- Season Premiere BA Leak Cam Anthony- Battles Part 2 Leak Rachel Mac- Battles Part 3 Leak Pia Renee- Knockouts Premiere Leak Gihanna Zoe- Knockouts Part 2 Leak
  18. So that means we are going back to Teams of 12, Tuesday and Monday Episodes and etc?
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