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  1. Um, excuse me? @QueenBrynn and I have been here for the past couple of weeks. We rated the blinds and now the battles. We only asked our other friends to create accounts this week because y'all were so upset with the Pete and Savanna score. I asked in advance if it was fine to invite our 4 friends and I was told it was fine. But whatever, you're the organizer so don't include their scores if you don't want to. I couldn't care less and there's really no point of fighting over it. As I said before, this is just a game and there's no real meaning attached to any of the ratings. Sorry for the conf
  2. That's not one of us. None of us has a QueenMegan account.
  3. Um, those are the girls in my group who watch the show. Y'all were upset with the the rating so we invited them to help fix them. I asked on Wednesday and I was told that the more, the merrier. We asked them to use a Queen username so that they will be traced back to us.
  4. I wasn't trying to be personal. I see the Lindsay pic a lot on that thread so you just popped into my head when writing that rant. Sorry
  5. If u want, me and @QueenBrynn can ask some of the other girls in our girl group to create accounts and add their ratings before the Sunday deadline. Some of them are Pete and Savanna fans so that can maybe help undo some of the damage that was done. We can ask them to be a bit lenient when grading that performance. So if u see 4 or 5 new random users on this chat with "Queen" in their usernames, that will be why.
  6. I can confirm this. I've only posted in this thread since I joined. Like @QueenBrynn said, I made this account so I can play this game. I read the spoilers discussion and I have opinions on the issues being talked about on that chat like Deion's post on instagram but I'm not interested in sharing them because I don't want some random mickey mouse dude or some Lindsay gal going after me if they don't like what I said. I just rather watch the discussion from the sidelines instead of being involved in all of the craziness and toxicity. Like the organizer (I think his n
  7. Victor & Deion - U Got It Bad - 7 Anna & Ainae - You Know I'm No Good - 10 Raine & Andrew - Adore You - 10 Pete & Savanna - Have A Little Faith in Me - 7 Jenzie Wheels & JD - Fishin' In the Dark - 10 Rachel & Bradley - Your Song - 10 Rio & Carolina - Somebody That I Used to Know - 10
  8. Episode 2 Cam & Emma - 10,000 Hours 9.5 Gihanna & Halley - Thinking Out Loud 10 (y'all are giving it low scores so I'll spice things up a bit) Zania & Durell - Emotions 10 Jordan & Keegan - Calling All Angels 9 Zae & Lindsay - Rewrite the Stars 10 Corey & Savanna - Dreams 10
  9. Thank you! You obviously also have great taste. Cami was amazing last season.
  10. Episode 1 Ryleigh & Gean - pov 10 Connor & Aaron - I Ain't Living Long Like This 9.5 Dana & Devan - Stuck with U 9.5 Pia & Christine - Baby 9.2 José & Awari - You Say 7.8 Ethan & Avery - Just Got Started Lovin' You 10
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