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  1. Why did they change it from CBS All Access to Paramount+?
  2. I’m really determined to try Girls5eva. Is it as good as people say?
  3. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist got canceled. There were reports that it would move to Peacock, but that also has been confirmed to not be happening. I’m still considering on watching it as I heard they are going to try and put it on another channel or streaming platform.
  4. So Chayce Beckham right now is the only one ineligible from American Idol Season 19 to audition for American Idol Season 20. Unless some of the current season American Idol contestants already have record deals.
  5. Okay. Do you know why they are doing premier access with some of these movies on Disney Plus? Plus how much more does it cost with Premier Access and do you have to pay for it each time there is a new film on there with it or do you only pay for Premier Access once?
  6. Apparently, there are a number of people who are not happy with the joke that Ryan Seacrest made to Chayce Beckham. When Luke Bryan invited Chayce to go fishing with him, Ryan then said to Chayce that there would be beer involved. I think it’s probably because Chayce is sober and a recovering alcoholic that a number of people were not happy with Ryan Seacrest. I’m team Chayce all the way. Also, they’re mad at Luke too because Luke responded to Ryan’s beer comment with that’s the point of fishing.
  7. So I’m confused about something. I really want to see this film as I love Emma Stone. If you have Disney+ already, you still have to pay extra in order to get premier access? This movie is with premier access. In other words, is premier access not automatically free if you have a Disney+ subscription?
  8. There’s an official date now for Only Murders In The Building. It premieres on August 31st. Have you heard of a couple of other original Hulu series like Shrill or Dollface? I wanted your opinion if you think they’re good or not.
  9. I just realized that during the Top 4 results: the order of who was safe first was also Chayce Beckham, Willie Spence, and Grace Kinstler. Is it just a coincidence that it was the same order for the finale because I feel like some people would say they kind of revealed the order of who got the most votes during the Top 4.
  10. Is Lionel Richie performing a song with a contestant too? Also, are any of the judges performing any of their songs by themselves?
  11. Has anyone seen the movie Togo or the T.V. Series Big Shot and liked either of them? I’m trying to decide if they are worth trying.
  12. I think Chayce Beckham is winning American Idol Season 20. I originally thought Casey Bishop, but that’s not going to happen anymore.
  13. The question is how many of these people are actually going to consider trying out for American Idol Season 20.
  14. Wade Cota does have a record deal it seems. I’m not sure about Dimitrius Graham though.
  15. Laine Hardy is going to be performing his new single on American Idol next week. Also, during the American Idol finale this season Luke Combs, Macklemore, Fall Out Boyand Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham will hit the stage for special performances, along with Chaka Khan, American Idol alum Mickey Guyton, X Factor UK alum Leona Lewis, Alessia Cara, and Sheryl Crow. Additionally, Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will also hit the stage. It’s possible that Lindsey Buckingham or Luke Combs will be performing with Chayce Beckham.
  16. What about Dimitrius Graham and Wade Cota? Are they eligible to audition next season?
  17. Assuming there is still going to be a next season, I think an important lesson has been learned. The creators and producers of American Idol need to do a thorough background check on all of the contestants auditioning for American Idol next season to make sure they are actually interested in the show and are not hiding anything that the public would not be happy about (Hannah Everhart, Cecil Ray Baker, and Caleb Kennedy). We should also try to prevent contestants from dropping out again like (Benson Boone and Wyatt Pike).
  18. I think Katie Stevens would be ineligible because of her acting career.
  19. I wonder which contestants that didn’t even make it to the semi finals will audition again.
  20. The video has 25.9K views (25,900 views). So way more views than likes.
  21. They should do something because it will turn lots of viewers away if they don’t. The show probably won’t be canceled after this season if they don’t do anything, but you can count on tons of people boycotting American Idol and calling the people in charge of the show racist enablers.
  22. Okay well that clears thing up. Here’s my next question. If the show doesn’t do anything to resolve the situation, do you think it will cause the ratings of the show to go even lower and that even though American Idol Season 20 has already been renewed, that somehow people in charge of deciding what airs on T.V. changes their mind and cancels American Idol Season 20 making American Idol Season 19 the last season of American Idol.
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